Subscribe to this site How to Grow Your Own Pumpkin Patch

How to Grow Your Own Pumpkin Patch What's one of the most wonderful pre-Halloween traditions you can remember? Was it visiting your local pumpkin patch (or perhaps driving miles to find one)? You can recreate this experience in your very own back yard. Here's the scoop on growing your very own pumpkin patch. What You'll Need Pumpkin vines often spread 7-10 feet in all directions, so unless you're going to be container or trellis gardening (see the bullet below), you will need about a 10'X10' area to plant. A climbing trellis and garden wire, and pots/containers, if you will be container gardening and/or if you'll be training your vines upward. Pumpkin seeds. Try a small (such as Jack Be Littles), small/medium (i.e. sugar pumpkins) or carving (such as Howden) variety rather ...

Subscribe to this site Dia de los Muertos: Get Your Dead On!

Dia de los Muertos: Get Your Dead On! Can't get enough Halloween? Then celebrate it twice (or even three times)! Here's the 411 on a famous Spanish-community holiday...and how you can get in on the action. What it Is Dia de los Muertos (“day of the dead” or “day of the dead ones") is actually three days: Oct. 31, Nov. 1 and Nov. 2. (However, many combine the traditions into one day.) Dating back hundreds of years as an official celebration and possibly linked to ancient Aztec culture, Dia de los Muertos honors those who have passed through the veil. Various Spanish-origin cultures celebrate Dia de los Muertos, but in the United States it is most popular among the Mexican population. Parades are held in major Mexican-populations across the U.S., most famously ...
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The Global Halloween Convergence Returns!The Global Halloween Convergence Returns!

Halloween fans ‘converging’ on Philadelphia for two days of fun, fright and frolic Halloween fans from near and far will “converge” on Philadelphia on Friday the 13th for a mid-year Halloween fix. Home of haunted historical happenings—Philadelphia is the ideal eerie backdrop for this annual glorification to ghoulishness, known as the Global Halloween Convergence Geared for grown-ups, the Convergence, according to event coordinator Rochelle Santopoalo, “is a great chance run away from home for two days of fun, fright and frolic with people ...

The Year of Living HalloweenThe Year of Living Halloween

Halloween is my favorite Holiday. Every year I throw a big costume party for my friends and family. I go all out, making creepy snacks, putting decorations up at the beginning of October, and making the day one to remember. I usually lead up to Halloween by having scary movie nights every weekend in October. I invite a few different friends each night, and then everyone gets together on All Hallow’s Eve itself. The problem is, every year there are more ...

Make a Dollar Store Halloween WreathMake a Dollar Store Halloween Wreath

At my house, with small children, we appreciate the whimsical as much as the creepy. It's always a challenge to find Halloween decorations that fit both these criteria. Here's one we came up with that was so simple – and so cheap! Using all dollar store items, you can make a similar project. Let's go shopping and get crafting! You will need: a grapevine or willow wreath or a metal or plastic wreath form (or you can use a few ...

"Skellie," our family's very own ghost riderDecorate Your Car for Halloween

Thought you'd run out of things to creep up on Halloween? Wrong-o, my spooky friend! Have you ever considered decorating your car? I have. And I've used most of the methods described below. If I haven't, I've referenced the appropriate image. Come along on a terrifying little ride with me! Car Decor Idea #1: Ghost Rider Every year, come the first day of fall of thereabouts, our family friend Skellie takes up residence in my car. I drive, and Skellie drives shotgun. We ...

Great Gourds! Pumpkin Varieties and How to Use ThemGreat Gourds! Pumpkin Varieties and How to Use Them

If you've ever tried to grow a pumpkin or two, you know just how special this squash variety can be. Getting that perfect pumpkin, with the right shape, color and size, isn't always easy. Luckily, more and more varieties are cropping up on the market between September and October. They're ready-grown and ripe for the picking. Grab a gourd and eat, decorate and be merry! Below are some of our favorite varieties. Howden...

Katniss Fire BallgownHow to Get the Katniss Girl on Fire Look This Halloween

Known as 'the girl on fire' Katniss' fire outfit is coveted by many, both in The Hunger Games fashion world and real life. So when you think of this year's Halloween costume, Katniss Everdeen should spring to mind. Why don't you get your fire look together? The Outfit Katniss Everdeen had two main fire outfits for the film which spring to mind when considering on building a Katniss Halloween costume. 1. Fire Catsuit The catsuit was plain black and set on ...

Seven Unique Ways to Use Skeletons in Your DecorSeven Unique Ways to Use Skeletons in Your Decor

As an icon of spookiness, skeletons have always had their place on Halloween. If you grew up in the 60s, 70s or early 80s, you may remember the dangling cardboard skeletons that the "good candy house" always had on their door. Today's skeleton decor is kicked up a notch - a big notch. Lifesize plastic skellies (poseable or dangling) are showing up in more windows, more yards -- even in more cars (more on that later). Here are seven ways to have ...

Creeping Within the Morbid DollhouseCreeping Within the Morbid Dollhouse

I'm scared of dolls. Well, I used to be okay with them, until they began to rapidly multiply around our house - that seems to be a side effect of having two daughters. Their glass eyes seem to gaze into my soul, accusingly, of course, and their heads seem to turn as I shift perspective. Sometimes I see them clumped together while the kids are at school, as if conspiring to do something evil. Once I saw three in the kitchen. ...


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