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Your 10 BEST Halloween Costume Hacks

  1. Emoji Make fellow partygoers LOL, cry, or just give ’em a big old smiley by painting yourself as an emoticon. Buy an inexpensive Halloween makeup kit or use makeup you already have to create your look. Have a friend help you if you’d like. Since the face is …

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2015’s Most On-Trend Costumes (For Grownups!)

Who says kids have all the fun? Each year, more grownups have been embracing their inner trick-or-treater by getting garbed in fanciful costumes. And why not? Dressing up is a great way to express a sense of whimsy – and what you’re really thinking all year long. Here are 2015’s …

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How to Dress Your Pet for Halloween

On Oct. 31 of last year, the doorbell rang, and I opened my door to the most adorable little trick-or-treater you ever saw. She was covered with shaggy hair, had pointy little fangs and her eyes shone at me with a yellowish cast. Ooo, so spooky! Plus, she was wearing a …

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A Very Vintage Halloween: Hauntin’ it Old-School

Vintage means different things to different people. When it comes to Halloween, “vintage” may refer to the time period the person grew up (say, the 60s or the 80s), a culturally nostalgic time such as World War II or the Victorian era, or simply an “old” look and feel. Therefore, we’re …

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Recipe: Bacon-Wrapped Mummy Meatloaf

Meatloaf is delicious no matter how you slice it (see what we did there?). Add bacon and a sweet, tangy glaze and now it’s a monster of a meal! This super-fun recipe is one the kids can help with and is simple to prepare, yet it makes a perfect, creepy …

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Recipe: Creepy Kraken (Sea Monsters) in Seaweed

My littlest has a fascination with “octopus”-like sea monsters. She’s afraid of them…yet unendingly curious. (And yes, obviously we tell her they’re not real…especially at bedtime.) So when we found loads of fun “hot dog octopus” recipes, we knew we had to try them out. They were an instant hit with …

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Caitlyn Jenner Costume – Crossing a Line?

Halloween has long been a time for pushing the envelope and exploring topics that would otherwise be taboo. With that in mind, it may not be so odd that Spirit Halloween has announced it will launch a Caitlyn Jenner costume for the 2015 season. No surprise that a controversial subject is being …

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7 Best FREE Halloween Apps for Your iPhone

The noise is coming from inside the phone…Heads up! Apple is haunting your iPhone with a host (or is that ghost?) of ghoulish apps, including new versions of your favorite prickly picks. And don’t be too scared, at least of the price: every one of these chilling apps is free. …

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Great Gourds! Pumpkin Varieties and How to Use Them

If you’ve ever tried to grow a pumpkin or two, you know just how special this squash variety can be. Getting that perfect pumpkin, with the right shape, color and size, isn’t always easy. Luckily, more and more varieties are cropping up on the market between September and October. They’re …

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Someone Gave Me Health Food On Halloween

halloween freaks someone gave me health food

Greetings once again, my dear fiends! Yas, it is your old pal (and I do mean old), Count Barry Scaryngton of The Halloween Freaks! I would like to introduce to you another member of our motley band of weirdos. Our good friend, The Spooktacular Sammy Hain, has a troubling tale …

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The Faerie Realm of Angelique Duncan

Vinyl Bat by Twilight Faerie

Angelique Duncan, aka Twilight Faerie, is a gifted Halloween artist who creates a variety of inspiring Halloween objects, such as porcelain faeries, costume accessories, ornaments and decoupage. Her inspiration comes from vintage works and styles, and everything is handmade with loving detail. Through networking with other Halloween artists, she launched …

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Mom’s Halloween Secrets

kids costumes

It’s that time of year again when your mom frantically searches through closets for scraps of material and seldom worn clothes whilst all the while screaming: ‘Why didn’t you tell me it was tomorrow?!’ You’re sure you did tell her that the school Halloween party was tomorrow and, to be …

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Steampunk Costume Ideas

steampunk costume

You’ve heard about it, the idea of “steam” plus “punk” intrigued you, but you really have no clue what it’s all about….well, friends, you aren’t alone. Steampunk falls into that mysterious, difficult to define place between fantasy and fact, which is absolutely ideal for the geek in all of us …

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How To Make Your Face Up Like A Zombie

zombie make up

If you know anything about trends in Halloween costumes then you do know that Zombie make-up is hot! Just look at all the Zombie walks that take place all over the world in big cities like Toronto, New York and London. The first thing you need is a clean slate …

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Look Berry Sweet as Strawberry Shortcake

strawberry shortcake child costume

Strawberry Shortcake seems to only get sweeter with age. She’s come a long way since her original greeting card days in the 1980’s. Created as a card cartoon, she quickly gained popularity as a children’s doll with her trademark scented hair. She made a few friends along the way with …

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Halloween Costumes For Kids Who Love To Garden

baby flower costume

Halloween costumes are most fun when the child wearing them gets to pick them out or even design them. The costume your child wears should be a reflection of something he loves; it could be a favorite movie, comic book character, or occupation. It may be a favorite monster or …

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