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The Year of Living Halloween

Halloween is my favorite Holiday. Every year I throw a big costume party for my friends and family. I go all out, making creepy snacks, putting decorations up at the beginning of October, and making the day one to remember. I usually lead up to Halloween by having scary movie …

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How to Recycle Your Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween candy corn

So Halloween is just on the horizon, which means many neighborhoods will soon be littered with big orange pumpkins. On the weeks leading up to the holiday, the sight of these pumpkins brings joy and excitement, because it’s a reminder that Halloween is, in fact, almost here. However, come November …

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Secrets of a Great Do-It-Yourself Halloween Costume

ipone baby costume

Jealous of your friend down the street who always seems to come up with the most creative and unique Halloween costumes? Looking for the “wow” factor in your Halloween costume this year rather than going as the color green (again)? Well, if you’re ready to dive into the costume venture …

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2012 Halloween Costume Ideas For $5 or Less

up old man costume for toddler

So you want to dress up this Halloween, or dress your child up without breaking the bank. But you also don’t want to do the simple run of the mill usuals like a ghost, a mummy or an American tourist. Who doesn’t want to be something current for Halloween right? …

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The Origins of Our Halloween Customs

Halloween is a festival that dates back over 2,000 years, with origins in Celtic celebrations marking the beginning of winter. Believed to be a night when the boundaries between the living and the dead world are blurred, this night of magic and mystical happenings is steeped in traditions and superstitions. …

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8 Awesome Smartphone Apps for Halloween

imut8r iPhone app

Halloween is such a great event and with the advent of smartphone apps you can enjoy your favorite parts of Halloween everywhere you go.  We tested dozens of apps and compiled a list of the 8 best ones we could find in terms of the most imagination and uniqueness. We hope you …

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Top 10 Albums That Will Have You Thinking Of Halloween

Michael Jackson Thriller

Over the years there has been more than a few great spooky albums with a distinctly Halloween feel to them. These range from gothic rockers to haunted movie soundtracks. There’s a brilliant interwoven connection between Halloween and music and it’s for this reason that Halloween parties are always so epic. …

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6 Creative Uses for Halloween Coloring Pages

Halloween Pumpkin Cartoon Character coloring page

Halloween coloring pages offer a fun, simple and inexpensive way to keep children entertained for a few hours. Whimsical ghosts, goblins, and jack-o’-lantern grins can be fun to color or paint, and kids always love coloring activities and craft projects.  It’s possible to find free Halloween-themed coloring pages online, which …

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Build Your Own Star Wars Costume

anakin skywalker costume

Halloween party is the perfect podium to step into the shoes of your favorite characters. The Star Wars series sets inspiration to play the fantasy in real and a Star Wars Costume can help you in this. The costumes of Star Wars characters available in the stores are expensive or …

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Kids Pirate Costumes

boy toddler pirate costume

Preparing for Halloween and other celebrations such as birthdays involves shopping for costumes. Costumes have an important role in Halloween or any other festivities and more so for kids. Kids costumes for parties have taken a huge leap over the years, making it easier for the parents to dress their …

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Halloween Fun and the Plus-Sized Child

There are endless varieties of Halloween costumes for babies, children, teens, and young adults. It doesn’t matter if you’re the type of parent who is more conservative (those cleavage-showing costumes which have no place in your daughter’s closet or under your roof at all), or if you’re a bit more …

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The Most Popular Halloween Costumes of the Past 5 Years

Some people choose Halloween costumes that are classics and have been around forever and will continue to stand the test of time. Other people choose a trendy Halloween costume related to current events, politics, or popular characters of that year. But nothing dictates Halloween costumes more than which blockbuster movies …

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How to Survive Halloween With Your Pets

Halloween can be a frightening experience for your dog or other pets. From the constant ding of the doorbell, to the many people out and about, and all the little hands that inevitably reach for him, there are many things aside from ghouls and goblins that can frighten your pup. …

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How the Movie Alien is a lot Like Raising kids

  Almost everyone recognizes that science fiction and horror are frequently used as tools for social commentary. We have all seen many issues argued in distant times and places with a variety of alien and human solutions or non-solutions. Sometimes though, stories are written that can be re-interpreted in ways not intended …

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The History of Trick-or-Treat

by Sheila Wheeler Ding Dong. “Trick-or-treat!” So begins the yearly procession of witches, vampires, movie stars and super heroes visiting door to door in search of candy and cookies. As with most traditions, trick-or-treating has evolved over centuries and is likely to continue to do so. Kids’ holiday? Good reason …

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The Grinch Who Stole Halloween

Adapted by Steve Chavez a.k.a. Wraith Everyone in Boo-ville liked Halloween a lot… But the Grinch, who wrote for a newspaper, did NOT! The Grinch hated Halloween! The whole Halloween season! Now, please don’t ask why. No one quite knows the reason. It could be his childhood just didn’t go …

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