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How to Make a Cat-o-Lantern

Nothing says Halloween like a haunted black cat with glowing eyes! Make your own fun, spooky and frisky cat-o-lantern with this easy tutorial. You will certainly become “familiar” with your new assistant as part of your yard haunt this Halloween. Let’s get started!       Supplies Two pumpkins:  a …

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The 13 Most Haunted Hotels in America

Haunted hotels entered the public imagination in a big way with the spectrally occupied Overlook in The Shining. But creepy stories of spooky stay-overs have always been the subject of speculation – and some reportedly haunted stays still exist today. Here’s Halloween Alliance’s list of the 13 spookiest hotels in America. Pack your bags …

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Halloween Memes That’ll Tickle Your (Funny) Bone

We love memes! Click for full-size (or to scroll through), then right-click to save these and share on Facebook, Twitter or wherever you want to spread a little Halloween hilarity. Easy-peasy! Warning: some of these are on the saucy side, so if you’re under 17, ask Mom and Dad before …

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A Tribute To Wes Craven (1939-2015)

Remembering a Legend This past Sunday, horror appreciators everywhere received the sad news that Hollywood legend Wes Craven had passed away. The horror film master, who had been battling brain cancer, succumbed to his illness in his Los Angeles home on Aug. 30, 2015. He was 76. The world will …

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7 FREAKIEST Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween fads come and go, but one we’ve been seeing for the past three years or so has been a serious amping up of unique (and freaky!) makeup. Rather than having a bought (or craftily sewn) costume do the job, Halloween enthusiasts seek out makeup looks that keep pushing the …

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Make Your Own Authentic, Easy (But SO Cool!) Zombie Costume

Make Your Own Zombie Costume How fast can you pull together a great, authentic-looking zombie costume? Quicker than you can say “one, two, brains!” Zombie costumes are fun – and they’re SO easy. Why? Because one of the hallmarks of a “realistic” zombie is that it’s very, very imperfect. Everything …

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How to Grow Your Own Pumpkin Patch

What’s one of the most wonderful pre-Halloween traditions you can remember? Was it visiting your local pumpkin patch (or perhaps driving miles to find one)? You can recreate this experience in your very own back yard. Here’s the scoop on growing your very own pumpkin patch. What You’ll Need Pumpkin …

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Dia de los Muertos: Get Your Dead On!

Can’t get enough Halloween? Then celebrate it twice (or even three times)! Here’s the 411 on a famous Spanish-community holiday…and how you can get in on the action. What it Is Dia de los Muertos (“day of the dead” or “day of the dead ones”) is actually three days: Oct. …

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Make a Dollar Store Halloween Wreath

At my house with small children, we appreciate the whimsical as much as the creepy. It’s always a challenge to find Halloween decorations that fit both these criteria. Here’s one we came up with that was so simple – and so cheap! Using only dollar store items, you can make …

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Decorate Your Car for Halloween

Thought you’d run out of things to creep up on Halloween? Wrong-o, my spooky friend! Have you ever considered decorating your car? I have. And I’ve used most of the methods described below. If I haven’t, I’ve referenced the appropriate image. Come along on a terrifying little ride with me! …

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Make a Decaying or Mummy Skull

Decaying skull Halloween prop

I love Halloween, and I love Halloween projects. And by the way, I’m seriously lazy. So when a friend of mine told me he had a great, terrifying-looking, gory, easy prop to show me, I was all in! But even I (the corner-cutting queen) was rather delightfully surprised at how …

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Prepare Your House for Halloween!

Spider Halloween decoration on window

Over and over again I hear from rueful friends, “I just don’t have the time to decorate my house for Halloween…and besides, I don’t want to spend a lot of money.” My answer? Both the time AND money you spend on decorating your house for the scariest day of the …

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Head in a Jar Halloween Prop

Complete Head in a Jar Halloween prop

Looking for a great new Halloween prop that hasn’t been done to death? Don’t lose your head – make this creepy decoration! Making a Head in a Jar prop is so easy, it’s almost scary – and the project won’t bust your Halloween budget. Read on to find out how …

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