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Halloween Mobiles

Constructing Halloween Mobiles are a fun way to spend an afternoon. There are so many different ways to be creative and make fun mobiles for the season. Let’s get started! Halloween clip art images are an easy way to get a lot of pictures for coloring. Cookie cutters are also …

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Spooky Chalk Rubbings for Halloween

Sidewalk chalk takes on a whole new look this time of year. Making chalk rubbings on black construction paper gives it a ghostly appearance and can make for some spooky monster shapes! Check out how to create your own as part of your Halloween decor! Materials Needed Sidewalk or other …

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Transform Candles into Cool Halloween Candles

I’ve done many sorts of decorated candles for other seasons of the year; I just hadn’t ever considered a Halloween candle before. Your imagination can go crazy with this project because there are so many varieties of decorative items to choose from! Materials List Candle(s) Glue Wax Paper Tooth Picks …

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Not Just a Gingerbread House… It’s HAUNTED!!

Decorating gingerbread houses is fun anytime of the year, but at Halloween it’s even better – the more mistakes the better…. er, spookier it is! Here’s my way to make a haunted gingerbread house. We’re going to make this one from scratch. The good thing about making a gingerbread house …

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Mesmerizing Spider Webs for Your Haunted House

Sure, anybody can make paper snowflakes – but how about paper cobwebs for your Halloween decor? Ba ha ha, don’t stare too long at your creations, you may find yourself hypnotized and giving out too much trick or treat candy. Or worse yet- the chocolate trick or treat candy! Here’s …

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