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We, the lurking lunatics of Screaming Scarecrow Studios, enjoy all things Halloween. Our mission is to share some of the tips, tricks & techniques that we have used in our home haunts and to also share any other insights that we have gained from our experiences in the world of home haunting.

Getting Down with the Halloween Boogie Man

Everybody loves the spooktacular good times of dancing to great tunes at their favourite Halloween party. And the lurking lunatics at Screaming Scarecrow Studios are no different – in fact, in order to make sure there is enough dance floor space at our Halloween party we move all the furniture …

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The Body Part Toss Game

Why do most haunters haunt? Because we have tons of fun doing it! From building spooky props to putting together creepy Halloween costumes. From scaring the pants off trick-or-treaters to rewarding them with handfuls of bravely won candy. Most Halloween haunters find all aspects of home haunting fun!! Why else …

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Scaring Up Supplies on the Cheap

13 tips to take some of the bite out of the cost of home haunting from the lurking lunatics at ScreamingScarecrowStudios You know you are in danger of being labeled a Halloween fiend when you find yourself daydreaming about spending any lottery winnings on a Hollywood-grade, year round haunted attraction! …

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The Ten Minute Tombstone

Welcome one and all to the Screaming Scarecrow Studios internet debut. Part of our mission is to share some of the insights that we have gained from our experiences in the world of home haunting. The other part of our mission is to continue to create cool and useful content related …

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