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Cat’s Cry

It was a lonely stretch of road, the quiet stillness of dawn broken only by a long aching cry, longing for company, for the family it had lost. It was the cry of a cat. The sun was setting around the huge old barn. As the last rays of the …

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Saw Man

dark woods

“Where do we start first?” “Near the far edge,” I sighed. “We’ll work our way back.” As we trudged toward the edge of the forest, my thoughts lingered on how far I’d come in the months I’d had my new house. I’d cleaned up the broken glass, the rusty nails, …

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Eric glared back at his kid sister, scowling as she struggled along in her pink princess outfit. “I told you to go home, Tina.” “No,” she whined. “I want to trick or treat with you. Dad said I could.” “I said you can’t,” Eric said, exasperated. “You can’t keep up. …

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