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The Guy With the Hair continues to push our alien theories comfort zone - and always makes us re-think what we believe. Image:
His theories may seem as wild as his hair, but Tsoukalos can be surprisingly practical on the subject of ancient aliens. Image:

Known among enthusiasts and critics alike as “the guy with the hair,” Giorgio Tsoukalos has been a staple commentator on the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens for eight fascinating seasons.

He’s been the subject of many a good-natured meme, but the Swiss-born Tsoukalos has always taken his “alien” theories seriously – and has convinced thousands of doubters that there really is something out there.

But even Tsoukalos has his limits as to what seems reasonable regarding ancient aliens – and what he feels just plain doesn’t carry any weight when it comes to ancient astronaut theory.

In this revealing article, Tsoukalos got down-to-earth on the idea that ancient “aliens” were actually Earthlings who time-traveled backward.

If you think about it, it’s really a great sounding proposition,” Tousaklos stated in the article, “[but] as far as I’m concerned, whenever our ancestors asked [visitors who theoretically could have been aliens], “Where do you come from?” they never replied by saying, “We’re you, from the future.”

He added, “I challenge anyone to find me an ancient text passage (from a reputable, non-channeled source)” where strange visitors claimed to be human time-travelers.

Other fun and fascinating revelations from the article:

  • Tsoukalos was interested in the paranormal from a very early age, largely due to the influence of his grandmother, who “read Edgar Cayce to [him] as a bedtime story.” Indeed, the entire Tsoukalos family seems to have had an interest in all things extraterrestrial: “Ancient Astronauts were dinner table conversation,” he said.
  • Erich von Daniken, David Childress and Zecharia Sitchin are among Tsoukalos’ favorite authors. But the Ancient Aliens star advises a degree of skepticism when considering out-of-this-world theories: “Read as much as you can and do NOT shy away from reading the other side, ie. books by debunkers.”
  • Among other methods of evidence-gathering, Tsoukalos utilizes Biblical texts in his research, particularly the Book of Enoch.
  • Many reported UFO sightings could be real, but a percentage are almost certainly more down-to-earth, such as technology being tested in advance of being released for use, the ancient astronaut theorist said in the Q&A interview.
  • The evidence is already here – but the listener has to be ready to accept it, Tsoukalos said: “Each and every person has to be ready for this topic. If they’re not, you might as well have a conversation with a teacup.”
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