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A Ghastly Tour of America’s Most Haunted Cemeteries

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No. 7: Western Burial Ground – Baltimore, MD

Sitting in the  shadow of the Westmintser Presbyterian Church, the Western Burial Ground holds the remains of famed poet Edgar Allan Poe, but that’s not what makes this locale REALLY scary.

According to legend, a minister was murdered…but his head continued to be heard screaming long after his death. Desperate parishioners gagged the skull and encased it in cement, but to this day visitors claim to hear its eerie screams.

A murdered minister and poet Edgar Allan Poe are two of the permanent residents at Western Burial Ground. Image:

No. 6: Salem Cemetery – Kirkwood Twp., OH

Louiza Fox is said to hover around her headstone and spook visitors. Image:
Louiza Fox is said to hover around her headstone and spook visitors. Image:

Once the site of a church, Salem Cemetery is the location of Kirkwood Township’s first murder victim, Louiza Catharine Fox. Visitors claim to see Ms. Fox’s incorporeal form weeping at her marker, which is located at the base of a hill beneath a tree. (Creepily, Ms. Fox’s murderer is listed on her grave marker.)

Other spooky occurrences: ghostly “hell hounds” are heard braying at night, and male visitors are prone to being pinched in the posterior by an unidentified feisty formerly-living female.


No. 5: Cemetery Hill – Gettysburg, PA

Strange sights, sounds and smells haunt Cemetery Hill. Image:
Strange sights, sounds and smells haunt Cemetery Hill. Image:

Not technically a grave site but adjacent to the National Cemetery, this active locale is alive with spirits of the Civil War, visitors claim.

Warnings to “get out,” visions of ghostly Union and Confederate soldiers and a scent of peppermint (which ladies cleaning up the bodies are said to have held over their noses to cover the stench) have all been experienced at the site.

Cemetery Hill was the locale of some of the bloodiest deaths during the American Civil War.


No. 4: Howard Street Cemetery – Salem, MA

Several spooky warnings have been attributed to the long-dead Giles Corey. Image:

During the 1691-2 Salem Witch Trials, accused landowner Giles Corey famously said “more weight” when being pressed under stones to elicit a confession. The only person to die via torture during the Trials, Corey’s gruesome “execution” took nearly two days.

Today, his ghost is said to appear whenever tragedy is near. It’s claimed that Corey’s ghost appeared before the Great Salem Fire of 1914, which destroyed 1376 buildings and resulted in today’s equivalent of more than $350 million in damages, as well as several lost lives and 20,000 displaced residents.

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  1. The picture that you have for #8, Resurrection Cemetery is not from that cemetery, it is from Graceland cemetery in Chicago. The name of the monument is ‘Eternal Silence’ at it is the marker for Dexter Graves. I am from Chicago and I know this monument well.

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