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‘How to’ Halloween

If you’ve ever visited a serious Halloween fan’s home decorations and props, you may have asked yourself How did they do that? Well, be envious no more, for we have step-by-step Halloween crafts, projects, inspirational ideas and cool games to entertain those trick or treaters. Enjoy these articles, and be ready to have passersby asking How’d you do that?

Spooky Chalk Rubbings for Halloween

Sidewalk chalk takes on a whole new look this time of year. Making chalk rubbings on black construction paper gives it a ghostly appearance and can make for some spooky monster shapes! Check out how to create your own as part of your Halloween decor! Materials Needed Sidewalk or other …

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Making Halloween Decorations with Bakeable Clay

Halloween is a holiday which has seen a wide variety of decorating options grow over the last decade. These options include Halloween villages, Halloween trees, and the expansion of miniature collectibles, some directly related to Halloween, and others to the fall season in general. Prices for such decorations can range …

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Transform Candles into Cool Halloween Candles

I’ve done many sorts of decorated candles for other seasons of the year; I just hadn’t ever considered a Halloween candle before. Your imagination can go crazy with this project because there are so many varieties of decorative items to choose from! Materials List Candle(s) Glue Wax Paper Tooth Picks …

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Decorating Dollhouses for Halloween

Dollhouses serve as doorways into a magical world of imagination for many children and adults. The design, decoration, and furnishing of dollhouses is a popular hobby, and one into which you can sink thousands of dollars. Each season has its appropriately scaled holiday items, yet for the thrifty collector, these …

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Bewitching Silverware Holders

I love to eat, and I love to sample the elaborate spreads my Halloween hostesses lavish on me and their other party guests. One problem I have, as I toss a few meatballs and other goodies on my plate, is juggling my plate, glass, napkin and then the silverware that …

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A Grave Matter: Building a Halloween Cemetery

It’s scary. It’s terrifying. It’s blood-curdling. It’s…a week before your big Halloween bash and you don’t have a single decoration yet! Never fear: help is here, and in a hurry. Here’s how to haunt your own front yard or indoor party area with these chillingly good graveyard scene ideas. Terrifying …

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Creating Halloween Tree Decorations

Halloween trees are a fairly new trend in decorating for the Halloween holiday. Like all other things specifically crafted for a holiday, or an event, the miniature ornaments made for the various styles of Halloween trees can be quite expensive. Cost aside, the fashioning of your own decorations for your …

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How to Make Your Own Halloween Tree

In recent years several holiday companies have started producing “Halloween Trees,” complete with lights and decorations. While this may well be simple, rampant commercialism seeking to feed off of our need to consume Halloween products, it is still a great idea 🙂 Money, however, inevitable raises its head, and we …

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