Contribute An Article is always looking for quality articles that are interesting to our readers. Before you submit an article, please read our previously published content to give you an idea of the themes we are looking for.

Our readers range from the curious Halloween goer to the highly experienced decorator. Subjects of interest are “how to” articles on building props and decorations, craft ideas, party tips, games, Halloween recipes, DIY costume ideas and other fun activities. We are also always on the lookout for a great short story, poem, or retelling of a Halloween myth or legend. All articles must be creative, enthusiastic and spark ideas in the reader. They must be unique and have not been published anywhere else. Once your article has been published at, please wait 90 days if you plan on publishing it elsewhere.

Articles range from 500 words and up. Please include an image (with a photo credit and URL at the end of the article, if the image came from another website.) If you have an article for a craft, decoration ‘how to’ or recipe, please provide an image or images of creating the work or recipe, and the finished product.


There are one of two ways to be compensated:

1) will pay between $6 – $15 per article, depending on the length and quality, or;

2) Include your own links in the article. You may include two natural-looking and on-topic links in the article body, and one link in the “About the Author” section. Links must be pre-approved before they are published.

Any article with poor grammar, or one that sounds like a sales pitch, will be immediately rejected, with no revisions. (Sorry, we do not have the time to recheck previously submitted articles.)

The author warrants he/she is the sole owner of the article or story and it has not been previously published, assigned, pledged or otherwise encumbered, and has the full power to have it published on We assume no liability for the accuracy of the articles. We do not accept any work that is libelous or obscene or that infringes on any statutory or copyright law.

The author will warrant that the above is true and holds and its owners harmless from any injurious results.

To contribute an article, please email us at Include the article either in the body of the email or attached as a simple text (.txt) file. Images are to be attached, and both document and images may be zipped for convenience.

We will respond to your submission within five to ten business days.

Guest Bloggers

If you are interested in submitting more than one article to, we can provide you with your own WordPress login and password. In your email query, indicate if you are interested in this arrangement.

Thank you for your interest!

Chris Molnar


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