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1970’s & 80’s Costume Ideas

There are certain eras that are so distinct that you can’t help but identify them at one glance. When you think of the 70’s and the 80’s, there is no disputing just how unique they were. Much of this is due to the fact that these decades had such outrageous and outlandish costumes and attire. The way that people dressed during these decades can never be replicated.

Though they were fun in their own way, the reality is that most of us will never dress that way again on a daily basis. If however you are looking for unique and fun Halloween costume ideas, these eras are simply the best – and you likely still have them in your closet! (Whether you’ll fit into them is another matter. Yes, I’m talking about myself as well!) There are some awesome costumes to choose from, so let’s take a look at some of the most popular and fabulous.

Big Hair, Bright Colors

heavy metal rocker blonde wig

Both the 70’s and the 80’s had some similarly outrageous fashion trends. 70s fancy dress outfits such as polyester pants, ruffled shirts and wide collars are distinctive of that era. However, the one that most people tend to remember the most is the hair. This was some big hair, and we haven’t seen anything quite like it ever since. If you want a simple costume idea, start with the hair. Tease up the bangs and make them big and stiff with plenty of cheap hair spray. They should look like an extension of your body when you’re done teasing them up! Then make your entire hairstyle big—the bigger the better! For some reason in these eras, the big hair was in and it reined king.

Another element that will bring your costume to life is lots and lots of bright colors. 70’s and 80s fancy dress costumes are all about crazy bright fashion, and you can embrace wherever that appears in your wardrobe. Neon works well and so do big bright colors. If you have any gummy bracelets or the ability to pin your pants, then you are in for a real treat embracing this fun fashion era!

Embrace Your Inner Madonna

80s Diva Madonna costume

If there is one thing that many people tend to remember about this era it was the introduction of a pop icon. Madonna made her entrance into the pop scene around this time and the world of music was never the same. So this lends way to the perfect costume idea to celebrate this wonderful and super fun period in time. Get out your black lace gloves because that’s where it all starts from. You need some ratted out big blonde hair and if you can’t accomplish that on your own, go for a wig.

Then get out your lace dress, tight mini skirt with a bright vibrant top, or some other flashy but vibrant outfit and wear it with great confidence. American online retailers such as Amazon carry outfits like this. If you live in England, you can purchase these pop dresses at Fancydressball.co.uk. You want to be sure to top of the look with lots and lots of accessories—try out your big bright pink bow for the hair, then get out lots of cheap but tasteful chain necklaces, and of course loads of neon gummy bracelets help to complete this look.

Nothing Like Old School Rappin’

Who didn’t love a little old school rap back in the day? This costume is simple enough to pull off and it’s actually comfortable so it works quite well. Here you can simply pull together some big oversized pants and a sports logo sweatshirt, preferably Adidas, as it was so big in this era. Then get a clock that you can wear around your neck because that was such an identifiable, though silly looking, part of these decades. You want to be sure that you have a hat that you can turn backwards and of course load on the gold chains for good measure.

This and the other costume ideas will take you back in time and help you to remember eras known for lots of fun!

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