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Build Your Own Star Wars Costume

Halloween party is the perfect podium to step into the shoes of your favorite characters. The Star Wars series sets inspiration to play the fantasy in real and a Star Wars Costume can help you in this.

The costumes of Star Wars characters available in the stores are expensive or they are too popular to quickly get out of stock. Begin the preparations for your Halloween look this season with self-made Star Wars costume. The following steps should guide you on how to build your own Star Wars costume with ease and on time.

Choose Your Character


Begin your adventure by choosing one of the numerous Star Wars Costumes you wish to be dressed like. Jedi Costume, Anakin Costume, Han Solo Costumes, Princess Amidala Costume, Rebel Costume and Leia Costume are some of the easy-to-make costumes. You should learn about other options as well and choose the one you find the best to grab the attention.

anakin skywalker costumeUse Pictures as Guides

The second step should be to collect the pictures of your favorite Star Wars character and use them as guides to build a detailed costume. You can obtain pictures or posters from an online store, or you can simply obtain the print outs of the pictures available on the web.

Buy the Right Fabric

For the costumes like those worn by the Jedi warriors, you have to buy fabrics in the right color tone and in sufficient quantity. Robes and other parts of the costumes will be prepared using the fabrics you purchase. Also, you must know the right way to sew or stitch the fabric for different costume pieces.

Use Your Clothes that are Available

You will be glad to know that most of the Star Wars costumes can be built using the clothes you might possess already. For example, to create a Rebel costume, you require pants in solid color and vests. The Princess Leia costume can be easily built using a white dress as the base. In the same way, you can easily arrange off-white t-shirts and black pants for the Han Solo costumes. Even the black boots required for this costume are commonly owned items.

Costume Accessories


Star Wars accessoriesThe accessories used with Star Wars costumes too are easy to prepare at home. For example, the belt for the Leia costumes can be easily created using duct tape. Empty boxes in small sizes can be glued to a black belt to prepare the Han Solo belt. The aluminum foil folded rectangles can be used to create the silver bands worn by the Princess Amidala.

As far as the weapons used by the Star Wars characters are concerned, you can make them at home or purchase them from a nearby toy shop. For example, the Han Solo’s gun can be created using empty toilet paper roll and a paper towel roll. Light sabers for Jedi costumes can be purchased from a toy shop.

Adopting the Right Look

Apart from creating the Star Wars costume, you must also learn how to adopt the right look of the characters from the series. For example, dressing up like Yoda would require you to paint your face, neck and hands with green paint. Green construction paper can be used to create the ears for Yoda costume.

Another important preparation for Star Wars look is to style your hair in the way your favorite character in the series did. Use hair color or purchase hair wigs to complete the look.

The steps described above are easy to perform, but you must start as early as possible to come up with a perfectly made Star Wars costume. It is a good idea to build Star Wars costumes along with your friends or family members and enjoy Halloween as a Star Wars family.

Building Own Star Wars Costume in Few Easy Steps is a Guest post by Lea Jones who is an online freelance writer and also the owner of a Star Wars Costume online store. In this post she’ll give some tips about Building Star Wars Costumes for the upcoming Halloween 2010.

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