Halloween Costume Ideas for $15…or Less!

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Be a Sport

Borrow an outfit from a high school or college team player you know. Be sure to add eye black or other identifying touches. Hint: he doesn’t have to be the football player and you don’t have to be the cheerleader. Mix things up and have a ball!

Zombie it Up

Pick up some dollar store makeup (red or black lipstick and eye crayons are great), apply on a blend of pale face makeup with gray costume makeup as your base, then zombie it all up.

So Fairy Gorgeous

Now that’s just magical! The biggest trick to this? It costs just pennies! Buy flat-backed rhinestone gems and some face-friendly eyelash glue. Make your face up fancifully using makeup you already have around the house, then glue on gems to accentuate your look.

You Do That Voodoo

“But I don’t do it so well!” you may be thinking. We say: grab some dollar store white pan makeup and a liquid eyeliner or black makeup crayon and you’ve got this, boo. Copy the image above and be the undead in minutes (and for just a few bucks).

Face Your Arachnophobia

Drugstores, Walmart, Big Lots, Costco and dollar stores all have clearance deals on Halloween décor right now. Grab a package or two of faux spider webs and a lightweight plastic spider. Then wrap  yourself in the webbing, add your arachnid and be the hunted this Halloween.

An Outfit to Dye For

Get some inexpensive black dye (make sure to buy a two-pack if possible, as black can take a couple of tries before it completely covers). Dye whatever you have that’s big and billowy. Once you have your black cape/coat, grab a creepy mask at your local dollar store or Goodwill and you’re GTG.

Tattoo You

This paranormal palette can be created for just under $15 – and it’s guaranteed to put EVERYONE under your spell. Even if you can’t buy the contact lenses (or if you have sensitive eyes), the cross face tattoos are still amazing. If you don’t want to shave your eyebrows, cover slanting vertical sections in foundation that matches your skin tone.

Can’t Find What You Want?

Haunt your local Goodwill, Dollar Tree or the clearance section of Walmart and grab some mix-and-match items. You’ll get a one-of-a-kind look that will keep everyone guessing!

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