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Halloween Costumes For Kids Who Love To Garden

Halloween costumes are most fun when the child wearing them gets to pick them out or even design them. The costume your child wears should be a reflection of something he loves; it could be a favorite movie, comic book character, or occupation. It may be a favorite monster or something completely different. Children who love to garden have lots of options for creative Halloween costumes that tell the world where their passion lies.

Garden Gnome

Gardening is more fun when a garden gnome is watching over the flowers. A flower garden gnome costume is great for boys and girls. Point shoes and a signature hat will complement a pair of short pants and a plaid shirt. Little girls will look adorable in pink with pretty plastic flowers to embellish the top and the pants. Little boys might wear green or earth tones and sport a beard. Ready made garden gnome costumes are available in stores, but they are easy to make.


Generally considered a girl’s costume, a ladybug costume is easy to make and adorable to wear. Ladybugs are a common part of the garden motif, and can easy be made with red and black felt. If your little one prefers, other bugs are great as well. Butterflies and bumble bees are also denizens of the flower garden. Wings can be reinforced with wire hangers to make them stand up if you desire.

child garden gnome costume kids ladybug costume

A Bouquet Of Flowers

Your little girl will feel positively striking when you help her create a costume for a bouquet of flowers. Green pants represent the stem, and a flowered or brightly colored shirt form the foundation for this lovely and creative costume. Then you can adorn her with strings of silk or plastic flowers in bright, beautiful colors. Top her off with a wreath of dried flowers or a hat covered in flowers, and pin green leaves to her sleeves.


If your child enjoys vegetable gardening as well as flower gardens, he will understand the importance of the scarecrow in successful gardening. Dress him in jeans and a flannel shirt, and tuck straw in the cuffs and hems of his clothes. Paint is face to make it look as though it has been stitched together, and add a straw hat. You can give your scarecrow a sign that says, “No crows allowed,” and for fun, you might add a stuffed crow sitting on the sign.

baby flower costume scarecrow kids costume


Your child can trick or treat dressed as his own prize tomato this year. Similar to the old fashioned pumpkin costume, this costume can be made with red felt, cut and sewn into a sphere. It fits over your child’s torso with holes for the arms. Stuff the costume with newspapers to keep it full and round. On his head, place a matching red beanie with a single green leafy stem sticking out of the top. Green pants and brown shoes complete the look. You may also try this for a peach, an apple, or any round fruit or vegetable.

Garden Fairy

Your little girl can combine her love of fanciful feminine fairies and her love of the garden in a garden fairy costume. A green dress with tiny flowers hot glued to it and wreath of flowers around her head will look beautiful with a set of green or white fairy wings. If it is chilly in your area, add a pair of heavy green tights. She will be the fairy princess of the flower garden. Of course, no fairy costume is complete with out a few sequins and a sprinkling of glitter. You can add this pretty touch to her cheeks as well as her costume.

Veggie Tales tomato child costume garden fairy costume

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