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How to Get the Katniss Girl on Fire Look This Halloween

Known as ‘the girl on fire‘ Katniss’ fire outfit is coveted by many, both in The Hunger Games fashion world and real life. So when you think of this year’s Halloween costume, Katniss Everdeen should spring to mind. Why don’t you get your fire look together?

The Outfit

Katniss Everdeen had two main fire outfits for the film which spring to mind when considering on building a Katniss Halloween costume.

1. Fire Catsuit

The catsuit was plain black and set on fire. Obviously, doing this in reality is both dangerous and highly unlikely. This look can be created, however, using a black Lycra or leather catsuit. Lycra is easier to move around in and usually cheaper to purchase in dance shops on online.

Attaching shimmering red, orange and gold streamers or strips of material to the back, will give the impression of the trail of flames emitted by Katniss and Peetas’ fire outfits. These can be attached using safety pins or a few stitches tacked in. Sparkly material will bear more resemblance to genuine flames and add a glamorous touch to the rugged outfit.

Additionally, and extra special touch would be to introduce LED battery powered lighting to the outfit. By winding it into the material of the flames, and tucking the battery pack into the catsuit to keep it hidden, the flames will look frighteningly realistic; like a real Halloween costume should!

Katniss Fire Ballgown2. Fire Ballgown

Katniss’s outfit for her interview with Caesar Flickerman was a stunning floor length gown which mimics the overall look of flames, to show that she is the girl on fire. Katniss’ fire dress looks like it would be a costly piece to prepare but in fact, it’s not as hard as it looks!

Firstly, purchasing a simple red bodycon dress will start the makings of the dress. It is better if the dress is past the knee as this will create the floor length look. Secondly, purchase a wide strip of orange material, something lacy or frilly is more likely to give the impression of flames. Attach this around the hem of the dress, to give the fishtail look of Katniss’ fire dress. By using excess material, it will automatically fold to create this look. You can either pin this, sew it or use material glue.

Finish the dress off by attaching cutting off one shoulder, and attaching a large orange sparkly corsage to the other shoulder. Katniss’ fire dress corsage has subtle diamantes that shimmer to give the impression of glimmering embers in a fire.

The Signature Hair

Although most people will know Katniss’ main hairstyle to be a side braid which snakes down the front of her shoulder, the hairstyle that she bears on her first entrance into the arena has huge significance in The Hunger Games book. Coming from a delicate relationship with her mother, the hairstyle, fashioned by Katniss’ mother, shows her fragile link still held together with love.

The hairstyle itself is an intricate ‘up-do’ which features copious tiny plaits twisted charmingly to overlap each other and provide a detailed frame for Katniss’ face.

To do this yourself, section your hair neatly with a comb and plait a centimeter of hair at a time. Once your entire head is plaited, section the plaits into four vertically. The two sections closest to the fact should be twist all together in an upwards fashion to create a French knot made of braids. Pin these twists in place using bobby pins. Secondly, part the back two sections horizontally to create four separate pieces. Twist these four pieces in a circular motion, braiding them around each other and clip them into place to create a flat knot. Use bobby pins to secure.

Plain Makeup

As Katniss is plain girl from the poorest district, she is extremely plain looking, which contrasts her to the exaggerated fashions plaguing the Capitol. This means that Katniss’ makeup is extremely plain. She uses minimal mascara and bottom eyeliner and keeps a natural look by avoiding blusher and heavy eye makeup.

Katniss is also described to have dark brown eyes in the book. This contrasts her to the pale, blue eyed citizens of the Capitol. To complete Katniss’ look to the full, use dark brown contact lenses to give you the deep rebellious eyes of Katniss Everdeen.

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Emily Jenkins is a freelance writer who took on the career due to her passion for reading.One of her worst nigthmares is when her favorite books get made into films. However, she praises The Hunger Games film, especially the way Katniss Everdeen and Effie Trinket are portrayed. Emily loves the way the directors contrasted Effie’s weird make-up, exaggerated outfits, piercing blue eyes with Katniss’s young Lara Croft look. She writes about fashion trends for www.colormecontacts.com and other twenty-something sites.

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