It’s Halfway to Halloween! Host a Witchin’ Party

Walpurgisnacht Little Halloween party accessories

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Who can wait 12 months for Halloween to come back around? Not us! Luckily, April 30 is Walpurhisnacht, also known as Witch’s Night – and it’s the perfect excuse to party like it’s 1699!

Named for Saint Walpurga, Walpurgisnacht is celebrated by Northern Europeans each April with parades, bonfires, and incredible costumes. Want in on the fun? Here’s how to host a witchin’ party EVERYBODY will love!

sexy witch costume hoodedStep 1: Get it in Gear

And we mean gristly gear! With a witch theme, you can go goth, traditional (warts ‘n all), sexy, even your favorite Harry Potter character. Remember: guys can be witches too! (And sometimes, warlocks or wizards.) So go for it.

Handsome man wearing a warlock costumeTip: If costumes are required, make sure you say so on the party invitations. (Personally, we think costumes should be required everywhere. You know…parties, back-to-school night, funerals, the grocery store. But that’s just us.)

Step 2: Send Gristly Greetings

Make your own party invitations using orange paper, a little rattan for flair, and a printed message. Or conure up a set of party invitations from Amazon or Etsy. (We love these from from seller JuniperJamesDesigns.)

Be sure to list:witches gotta stick together Halloween party invitation

  • The date and time
  • The location (or Zoom link)
  • The style (Goth? Traditional? Fave movie witch? Witches, warlocks & wizards?)
  • Whether or not alcohol will be served

Step 3: Brew Up Some Fun

  • Snag some cool serving dishes with a witch theme. CauldronsCauldron Halloween party serving dishes are an obvious choice (and they look great). Or grab a dish that looks like a skull or a spider.
  • Stalk Pinterest for gruesome snack ideas. Bone app├ętit! (Check here and here and here for some of our faves.)
  • Don’t have much time to kill? You can still impress yourHalloween witch hat cookie cutter ghoulish guests. Buy premade cookie dough in your store’s refrigerated section, roll out, and stamp with witchy cookie cutters. Bake, frost, dip in some black and orange sprinkles and you’re good to ghoul. Uh, we mean, go.
  • You know you need punch. Whether spiked or unspiked (Hey! We didn’t mean REAL spikes!), pre-freeze some berry punch in a latex-free disposable glove; when frozen, cut the glove away. Meanwhile, pour two parts orange soda to one part orange juice in a bowl. Add the creepy berry ice to the bowl for a freakishly fab party brew.

Step 4: Creep Up Your Cribsilhouette haunted Halloween tree streamers

Traditional movie and lit witches do all sorts of things with…well, all sorts of nasty things. Nail down (ha ha!) any of these to create a witchy atmosphere:

  • Cobwebs (cheap, easy, and they instantly set a mood)Halloween prop book of witch spells with eye
  • A spellbook (make your own cover and place it on a real book)
  • Creepy dolls that look very, very experimented-on
  • Bottles and jars filled with garden moss, cauliflower (for brains), almond slices (for fingernails), tiny prop skeletons, etc.Halloween witch bottles props
  • A spooky spiderweb tablecloth
  • Candles (get the non-flammable kind for safety)
  • Low-watt lightbulbs for creepiness, or try red lightbulbs
  • Creepy silhouette streamers or silhouette cutouts for the wall

Simple…and sinister! Add your favorite creepy tunes or put on a movie like The Witch or, if you’re a traditionalist, Hocus Pocus. Enjoy, and remember, witches…only six more months until Halloween!

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