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Latex Allergy? Try These Halloween Prosthetic Hacks

gross Halloween missing eyes mask

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Usually, our team likes to start articles with something subversive and, we hope, at least a little bit funny. (Come on. Throw us a bone here.)

But latex allergy is no joke. And unlike our just-for-fun frights, the dangers of a latex sensitivity really can be scary.

So we’ve compiled a list of alternatives that are truly terrifying, yet amazingly, they’re allergy-free. Here’s how to get gory safely this Halloween.

READ THIS. AND WE’RE SERIOUS.  A latex allergy is dangerous and can be fatal. It may come on suddenly even if you have not previously had an issue.  MANUFACTURERS MAY CHANGE THEIR FORMULAS. Read ALL ingredients before using.

Okay. Got all that? Then let’s get scary with these safe hacks!

1. Spirit Gum

spirit gum and remover kit
Mehron makes a decent spirit gum set. Click for purchase info.

Spirit gum is a very strong adhesive, but it can be used on the skin. It is made by a process that produces liquid amber.

It’ll hold all night, but be very careful when removing it from your skin. Go slowly and tug as little as possible. You should definitely grab spirit gum remover for this part.

Eew. Smiffys, how we love you. Click for purchase info.

2. Latex-Free Fake Scars

The alternative to latex for costume prosthetics is a water-based process. These cool add-ons can hold as well as traditional latex appliances. And they look like the real deal.

Smiffys makes a line of allergy-free fake wounds. Check Amazon or Google water-based Halloween prosthetics. You’ll want to add some faux gore around the edges to camouflage them.

3. Corn Syrup-Based Blood

Mehron coagulated blood costume makeup
It’s drippy, it’s gooey…and it’s safe. Click for purchase info.

You can avoid prosthetics altogether but still get real 3D with a thick fake blood solution.

Look for something that contains corn syrup or another natural thickener so it’s gooey without sliding right off. Corn syrup is usually the base for this effect.

4. Elmer’s Glue and Toilet Paper

Creepy Halloween scar makeup
Slap it on…the messier the better. Click for purchase info on allergy-free face paints.

We’re not kidding. You can get some VERY gross effects with this.

Dampen the toilet paper just enough to get it slightly mushy. Ball it up into small pieces and allow to dry. Apply a thin layer of glue to the flatter bottom and place on the skin.

Then gore it all up with faux blood. Using a couple of different colors will make these SFX more realistic.

5. Makeup (the Standard Kind)

NYX highlight and contour kit on Amazon
A little practice with light and shadow and you’ll scare the hell out of literally everyone. Click for purchase info.

The makeup aisle at your local dollar store can offer tools for some truly awesome 3D SFX. Very white highlighter or white liquid eyeshadow and very dark colors – black, charcoal gray or darkest brown – add light and shadow to your makeup.

A thin-tipped black eyeliner pen can create creepy details such as a stitched mouth or eyes. Dot on the details and then highlight and shadow to make your makeup pop.

6. Moldable Makeup Wax

Halloween makeup wax kit
As of publication of this article, Meicoly has a safe makeup wax kit. Click for purchasing info.

Makeup wax is great because you can mold it into any shape and it will more or less stay that way. You’re not rolling the dice with the outcome, you know what shape it’s going to be.

Look for a complete kit including adhesive to make things easier, but again (did I say this already?), check ALL ingredients. Bases like corn starch and food coloring are perfect.

It’s just that easy!

The awesome thing about Halloween prosthetics and add-ons is that they actually look better when they’re irregular, clotty, torn up…you get the idea.

So experiment with the above – we think you’re going to love the results.


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