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Mom’s Halloween Secrets

It’s that time of year again when your mom frantically searches through closets for scraps of material and seldom worn clothes whilst all the while screaming: ‘Why didn’t you tell me it was tomorrow?!’

You’re sure you did tell her that the school Halloween party was tomorrow and, to be fair, isn’t it always around October 31st anyway?

You’d love to help her out but hey, it’s not your fault that you’re not allowed to use scissors, glue or anything else that may come in handy for manufacturing a costume that doesn’t look like you just bought it from Walmart.

Moms tend to get a bit precious about these things anyway and the best help that you can be is to stand around and wait while she circles you with pins sticking out of her mouth and a tape measure draped over her shoulder.

Of course, throughout our early lives we rely on our moms for so many things and from making sure we have food in our bellies to taking us on school trips, there’s not much that these women won’t do to ensure we’re out their cleaned, polished and representing the family team.

In tribute to mothers everywhere the top ten list below is designed to cut corners, push boundaries and give the old girls a helping hand when it comes to knocking out their little darling’s next Halloween costume.

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Ready for Halloween. By jakesmome/Flickr

The quick and easy mom’s guide to making Halloween costumes

Count Dracula

This is basically a pair of black pants, a white shirt and a black bin liner tied around the neck for the cape. For the authentic pasty white look: throw a handful of flour in their face. Top the costume off with a pair of fangs that can be carved from a white vegetable such as a potato or a daikon.

Wicked Witch
Bin liners are your friend and from a dress to a cape, you’ve got yourself a little Halloween witch before you can say take out the trash. Of course, every wicked witch needs a pointed hat so roll a newspaper into a cone, stick it in place with tape and then either make like the Rolling Stones and paint it black or, you’ve guessed it, wrap it in a bin liner. For that green glow – rub your witch’s face with a cabbage.

Dig out that old Crystal Carrington blazer and you’re pretty much set! All you need now is a pair of wellington boots (great for perfecting the lumbering gait), a tight pair of black pants and a tank top. Scars can be drawn on with a marker pen and the all-important bolt through the neck can be achieved by giving your child a couple of corks and telling them to hold them to their neck every time there’s a photo opportunity. For green face see Wicked Witch.

Casper the Ghost
It’s a sheet over their head and eye holes cut out – easy!


Most kids tend to get that zombie look after a few hours in front of the TV or game console so just go that extra mile and let them watch or play all night. The next morning you’ll find your little zombie has a thoroughly glazed stare and is more than hungry for brains.

Jason from Halloween

It’s a guy in a hockey mask with a big knife. He also wears a dirty shirt and pants (gasp!)


You know that old hair brush that’s got a habit of collecting your long hair? Well, now’s the time you’re gonna need it. Kit your kid out in jeans, Converse sneakers and white shirt. Next, stick your fallen hair to the collars of the shirt and blam – Teen Wolf! Of course, you’re going to need fangs so, as in the Count Dracula costume, cut up a potato. Note: If you don’t have any old hair lying around then head to the local barbers – I know, it’s easy when you think about it!

Harry Potter

This little wizard doesn’t go on senior class trips or have a magic hat however, he does have a stick (aka: a wand) which is basically what you’ll need to get started with this modern-day classic costume. Again, good old bin liners come to the rescue as the cape, followed by black pants, a white shirt and a striped tie. Top your Harry off with a pair of round-rimmed spectacles made with five black pipe cleaners and ‘Avada Kedavra’ you’ve nailed the opposition!


Ahoy there! Stick your young Jack Sparrow in a pair of black wellington boots (or green for Caribbean pirates), an old frilly blouse and tie a sarong or shawl around their head. For a cutlass you can give them a roll of aluminum foil (no one will notice) and if they simply must have a pirate parrot then stick a cabbage on their shoulder and they’ll be ship shape and ready to sail the high seas.

Black Cat

Black tights, long-sleeved black top and a black tie tucked into the back of their waist band. A dab of black paint for the kitty nose and three stripes either side for whiskers. Forget the kitty ears, just say they got bitten off in a fight.

So there you have it – Halloween made easy. Look out for our next article entitled: “What do you mean you’re in the Christmas play!?”

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