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One of the most exciting feelings of Halloween is being able to transform into someone you’re not the other 364 days of the year. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why Halloween costumes have experienced tremendous growth over the past decade.

Today, there are literally thousands of different Halloween costumes available and for all type of situations including adult costumes, children’s costumes, group costumes, couple costumes and even outfits for pets who love Halloween! If dreamers can dream it up, Halloween costume makers can build it.

As with any popular costume, the key to getting what you want is to get it early. In fact, over 30% of costumes for Halloween are purchased during the summer months including June, July, August and September. This way, you’re able to get the specific type of costume you wish before the mad Halloween costume rush takes place. Below are a few links to costume-related resources, articles, outlets and seasonal Halloween costume shops. Hopefully you’ll find what you’re seeking.


Arrrrrrh! Who doesn’t love pirates? It seems most first mates enjoy everything about riding on the high seas. Look for costumes, decorations and accessories, read stories, and learn about Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean.

Morph Costumes

MorphCostumes has a wide variety of outfits for every occasion. Get the weirdest and wackiest Halloween costumes to freak all your friends out!

The largest and most popular costume stores online – they sell 30% of all costumes online! Search from an inventory of over 10,000 costumes, decorations and party themes. Fast delivery, just in time for Halloween!

Sexy Costumes

Feeling a little on the wild side? Need to unleash your inner naughty nurse or hunky pharoh? Research some great sexy costume ideas for dressing a little fun and flirty!