Yes, You CAN Have Halloween This Year

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One day in the far future, someone will stumble upon this post and say, rather gravely, “Oh, yeah. I remember 2020.”

This year has been a tough one in so many ways. There have been losses, sadness and the type of scares nobody wants.

One way to keep up morale? Take an hour or two and have some ridiculous, pointless fun. (It always works for us!) Here are some of the best ways to run chills down your spine this year while keeping yourself (and others) safe.

Visit a Demented Drive-Through

This is SO COOL. Haunted drive-throughs are very 2020 because they keep you safely distanced – but the screams are real. Google your locale + drive through haunt 2020 to find one.

Concoct Some Kreepy Kitchen Madnessscary knife Halloween candy sprinkles

It’s not just a thirst for blood we halloweenophiles share. We’re also into knife-shaped sprinkles, Jell-O worms and watermelon brains. Click here to brew up a few horrifying choices.

Creep Up Your CribScary Face on Garage Door for Halloween

If you’re reading this blog, our guess is that you already decorate for the spookiest night of the year. Make this your most haunted year ever. You’ll love putting up the creepy decorations, and your neighbors will love seeing the scares. Win-win!

Scare Yourself  Sillyscared man and woman in a movie theater

Take the Halloween challenge: one scary movie or Halloween special a night through the entire month of October. Try watching them in ascending order – cutest (like It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown or Hocus Pocus) to most terrifying (Hostel, anyone?).

Host a Costume Contest

Kids and adults alike live for donning that once-a-year killer costume. So why not host a costume contest? Connect via Zoom, Facetime or Hangouts and have trophies ready (you can mail them or drop them off on the winner’s doorstep).

If You Zoom It, They Will Come

Share the scares with those who care. Send your friends evites to a Halloween movie marathon and watch one another scream on your screen. Then toast one another with a delicious brew.

Remember: don’t freak out – Halloween fun can be had anywhere! Here’s to keeping Halloween alive…every single year.


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