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Halloween Decorations

Halloween is one the most enjoyable holidays we celebrate each year. As years go by, halloween decorations seem to get more and more sophisticated and elaborate. Today, you’re guaranteed to see much more than a jack-o-lantern or a pumpkin cut-out on the front porch. Scroll down to see how to create some cool and spooky decor and those who make them!

Decorate Your Car for Halloween

Thought you’d run out of things to creep up on Halloween? Wrong-o, my spooky friend! Have you ever considered decorating your car? I have. And I’ve used most of the methods described below. If I haven’t, I’ve referenced the appropriate image. Come along on a terrifying little ride with me! …

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The Faerie Realm of Angelique Duncan

Vinyl Bat by Twilight Faerie

Angelique Duncan, aka Twilight Faerie, is a gifted Halloween artist who creates a variety of inspiring Halloween objects, such as porcelain faeries, costume accessories, ornaments and decoupage. Her inspiration comes from vintage works and styles, and everything is handmade with loving detail. Through networking with other Halloween artists, she launched …

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Make a Decaying or Mummy Skull

Decaying skull Halloween prop

I love Halloween, and I love Halloween projects. And by the way, I’m seriously lazy. So when a friend of mine told me he had a great, terrifying-looking, gory, easy prop to show me, I was all in! But even I (the corner-cutting queen) was rather delightfully surprised at how …

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Window Witch Halloween Silhouette

window witch silhouette

What’s that peeking out of that window? Is it…can it be?? A WITCH! Dress up your windows this Halloween with a life sized paper witch silhouette to peer out at trick-or-treaters and frighten the neighbors. Look for large rolls of paper at teacher supply stores or substitute with black posterboard. …

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Black Grapevine Pumpkin

grapevine Halloween pumpkin craft

Grapevine pumpkins pack craft and décor stores this time of year. But how about making your own? It’s quick, simple and allows you to customize it to create something a little more unique – like this spooky black version, perfect for your Halloween porch decorations! You’ll need: 1 – eight …

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Prepare Your House for Halloween!

Spider Halloween decoration on window

Over and over again I hear from rueful friends, “I just don’t have the time to decorate my house for Halloween…and besides, I don’t want to spend a lot of money.” My answer? Both the time AND money you spend on decorating your house for the scariest day of the …

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Easy Halloween Ornaments

halloween ornaments

Decorating your house for Halloween doesn’t have to mean rushing out to buy styrofoam tombstones and plastic skeletons, although those can make fun additions to your home as well! Almost anything can be made into a Halloween decoration with a little time, spray paint and sense of fun. Look around …

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Beading Jewelry for Halloween

Pumpkin Shroud Wine Jewelry

Each year I try to find interesting Halloween jewelry but all I find is lots of cheap trinkets.  So last April I decided to take up beading.  Now I make my own amazing Halloween jewelry. If you can thread a needle and tie a knot, you can bead! One of …

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Get A Leg Up on Halloween

Ghouls, our prayers have been answered! How many of us know about the famous leg-shaped lamp featured proudly in A Christmas Story? You know, the one that accidentally gets broken? Well, wait until you see the Halloween version! It will be the perfect addition to any Halloween abode all year …

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Wish to Patent Your Halloween Project?

Scary Halloween Patents When decorating for Halloween, folks often realize better ways to do things or better ways to make products that they use in games, parties, decorating, etc. This is often a fleeting idea brought about by the frustration of dealing with a poorly thought out product or method. …

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Tis the Season to be Scary

Deck the boughs with scary ornies! Yep! Festive trees and ornaments aren’t just for that other holiday anymore. There is a full genre of sparkling, twisted decorations suitable for the big haunt. We’re talking black fir trees, specialty lights and grizzly ornaments. Beginning with the basics, let’s consider the fundamental …

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