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Collect a Halloween Village? Think of Location, Location, Location!

Over the years several companies have been creating small scale collectible models for Halloween. These models represent a variety of buildings – Victorians, mansions, morgues, movie theaters, etc. – as well as a wide array of characters and decorations.

Often these models are limited productions, the runs lasting only a season or two. This limited production time plays havoc with those of us who are rabid collectors, but it also creates a rather eclectic and original townscape for each collector’s home.

While the availability of pieces (and the necessary funds to acquire them) can be limited, the greatest challenge for a collector often lies not in the acquisition, but in the display of the pieces themselves. The display of Halloween villages can be done quite creatively, especially when considering the holiday’s rather unorthodox celebrations when compared to some of the other well-known and well-kept holidays in the United States. The Halloween holiday, it seems, is one which calls for us to create something new each year, rather than lapsing into any sort of mundane tradition. The display of the Halloween villages is one way to keep each celebration of the holiday fresh!


Where to Place Your Halloween Collectibles?

If you have been collecting Halloween village pieces and have a large collection, finding a place to dedicate for that collection’s display can prove difficult. Limited space should not be seen as a hindrance, but as a challenge. This challenge will make you think creatively as you begin to prepare for the Halloween celebration.

Creating multiple, small villages is the best way for someone with limited space to maximize their collection’s potential. Not only are multiple locations a better option concerning space, it can also be far easier to light the villages. Most of the various buildings now produced have lights, speakers, and small figures which move.

Scary Movie Halloween Village Collection

These buildings have the option of being powered either by batteries, or via electrical outlets. Using the battery option can often be expensive, depending on how often you have your buildings on. On larger villages using the outlet option, however, they can quickly run to large, dangerous masses of cords and extensions. Multiple locations, then, allow you to eliminate the wastefulness of batteries, and the danger of electrical over-crowding.

Safety aside, though, the creation of many small Halloween villages another benefit: the spreading of Halloween decorations to a broader array of rooms and surfaces within your home. Reminding yourself of Halloween all around the house is definitely a Good Thing!


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