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Get A Leg Up on Halloween

Ghouls, our prayers have been answered! How many of us know about the famous leg-shaped lamp featured proudly in A Christmas Story? You know, the one that accidentally gets broken?

Well, wait until you see the Halloween version! It will be the perfect addition to any Halloween abode all year long and will be such a fun conversation piece as your Halloween guests trick-or-treat or come to your party. Check this wonderful lamp out!

Grandin Road has such an item, and it is a dandy of a lamp. It is, of course, orange and black with a skull finial and black fringe trim that dangles enticingly over the spider web-covered leg that rests in a fine witch’s black, buckled shoe. Mini lights glowing from inside the leg make sure the eye is drawn to the shapely limb.

This item is a must-have for any Halloween lover, and I think it’s a bargain at $99.00. I plan on putting it on my Christmas list because I can’t think of a better Halloween item to ask for since the idea did come from Christmas after all.

Now if only I could convince my darling hubby that we need this kind of a lamp for our living room. But unlike the dad in A Christmas Story movie, I’m buying insurance!

You were always jealous of this lamp!

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