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Halloween comes but once a year if you’re a non-haunter, but that’s not us! We love to listen to our beloved Terror Syndicate CDs all year and for every occasion – unless my family threatens to put me into one of my own coffins. One day I got to thinking – were there other types of Halloween or haunting music I might be missing? Was there better party music for my next bash that I’d never heard? Sadly, non-‘weeners get tired of the usual hokey Halloween monster songs. Those thoughts led to a very fertile search on iTunes for new music, and I was blown away by what I found. You may know most of these groups, but just in case you don’t, I want to pass on a few “new-to-me” groups that may brighten your gloomiest day as you work on props, host a gathering, or sketch your latest 2007 floor plans.

The Ghastly Ones

The Ghastly Ones

The first group I found interesting was because of the unusual style of music I’d normally never think of for haunting or Halloween. But this music will be great for an upbeat Halloween party or once I see the first leaf fall to the ground as my season approaches. I kid you not, I listened to The Ghastly Ones and really got into their Horror vs. 60s Surfer sound instantly. Some of their song titles like A Haunting We Will Go Go made me laugh and dance. Check these titles out: Ghastly Stomp, Pacific Ghost Highway, Haulin’ Hearse, Lonesome Undertaker and last but not least, The House On Haunted Hill, will cause you do to your own monster dance. You can also go to their website band info to read how Rob Zombie (Hellbilly Deluxe) discovered them. They have many cool things to their credits, including being the band featured in the Halloween episode of “Spongebob Squarepants.” This is one batch of mostly instrumental music that will be a fresh addition to your Halloween party that’ll keep your guests moving right into your meat grinder.

Gothabilly – The Fusion of Goth, Rock and Hillbilly

Rockin Necropolis

Have you ever heard of Gothabilly? It’s a great sound and a totally awesome group of great bands on the Rockin the Necropolis release. It’s a collection of very innovative Horror Punk groups that showcases their vast originality and savage, unending wit in all their songs. Who else can make you dance, sing, and snicker as you sand away on your latest monster mud creation? The whole album is one hard rocking, interesting song after another and is worth the time to check them out. They remind me of my favorite other punk band – The Cramps. After all, who can forget my personal fav, (Use your eyeballs for dials on my) TV set? Ah, the good old days!

The Allan Parson’s Project

If you’re looking for a journey of the mind to chill by, I’d like to suggest an oldie but a goodie – The Allan Parsons Project: Tales of Mystery and Imagination originally released in 1976. I know, I know, the Parsons Project is ancient, but it’s still great to listen to “a mesmerizing aural journey though some of Edgar Allen Poe’s renowned works.”, to quote the iTunes description of the album. It really is an experience, with some of the narrations done by Orson Wells himself! Grab a six pack, turn down the lights, spread out in your favorite chair and kick back. Feel the terror Poe wrote about and let your mind take you for the ride of your life that’ll please any Halloween’er or Horror freak.

Calabrese with My Aural Meal

Oh, and Calabrese’s 13 Halloweens (2005) is to die for! They, too, have great titles for their songs like: Everyday is a Funeral, Death of Me and Shrunken Head Kids. The hatchet sharp sound is refreshing and yet drives you to move something on your body. This music will help you finish your prop in record time or keep your guests excited and moving at your next party. Give them a listen.

Mad Sin

Another jewel I wasn’t aware of was a group called Mad Sin, but I’m sure glad I stumbled across it. The 2000 release of Survival of the Sickest is a perfect addition to my horror collection. I loved the songs No More Trick or Treat, Behind the Façade and most importantly, Dead Men Tell No Tales. It’s not your Johnny Depp theme song! Oh, you have to hear this and get it.

Darker Projects

Last but not least – I ran across a great free podcast that I fell in love with. Though some of the readings are done in cheesy voices, the effort and originality compensates for it. Go to iTunes and subscribe to Darker Projects for free and listen to some interesting, original horror and sci-fi works. I dropped in for a second and stayed for a long time as I got caught up in the material and found myself hooked. Good stuff, people, and it’s free!!

I could go on, but I know you and I have things we’re supposed to be doing, so I won’t. I was shocked to find out what a music rut I’d been in. I needed to be reminded to make an effort to see what new/other music is out there. I’m so glad I did! I found so much fun and interesting songs to add to my twisted enjoyment of everyday life, add energy to my gatherings, and have music that’ll keep the guests at my party going like Energizer Bunnies! Go forth and search for yourself to see what you can get into and post it as a comment.

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