Make a SICK Face Pie

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Oh, sick! And we mean that in all the best ways. We’ve been finding this face pie everywhere, and if you’re a horrorphile, we’ll bet you’ve seen it, too.

The problem? We haven’t seen how to make it. Until now!

Where the Face Pie Idea Came FromHalloween pie that looks like a face

It’s hard to say whether the actual idea has been passed around the World Wide Web before this, but the first actual credit we’ve been able to locate goes to artist Andrew Fuller of Des Moines, IA.

Please note that Fuller’s creations are NOT edible. They’re meant as decorative art, to be hung (eew!) again and again.

Looking for the Edible Version?

Of course, the immediate reaction to the creepily creative is to ask, “How do I do that?”

Second runner up reaction? “How do I eat that?”

We found a YouTuber who made an actual meat pie, and included all the steps to beefing up (yar har) the face. Check out his vid here:

Make It Bloodier

We almost found the third most nightmarishly natural reaction: “Can’t I make this bloodier?”

You can! We suggest that instead of a meat pie, you pour in at least two different shades of red or black canned berries. Make sure to fill the bottom crust well so that a little juice will ooze out of the face’s openings.

Delicously diabolical!

Have you made an absolutely sick edible Halloween treat? Let us know in the Comments below.

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