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Preparations for Halloween can never be started too early. As the economy continues its slow descent it becomes more important to stretch the dollar, and to find a wider selection of activities to do at home with the family.

For families that love Halloween, the weeks and months leading up to October 31st are full of opportunities to obtain decorative pieces for both interior and exterior purposes. These decorative pieces can be found at yard sales, rummage sales, flea markets, transfer stations, swap shops, landfills, and at the curb on trash day. You can also look at Halloween buy-sell sites such as Yardsellr. Not only will your decorative pieces be easy on the wallet, but environmentally you and your family will be recycling, saving space in the Untied States’ already limited landfills by bringing home items perfect for Halloween.

Halloween conjures up images of ghosts and goblins, the restless dead, the headless horseman, and a slew of others both malignant and benign. Regardless of your decorating preference – playful, dark, or some where in between – bargain hunting and salvaging can add to your Halloween supply.


Halloween Scarecrows on the Cheap

For those who enjoy exterior decorating, a variety of old clothes and chairs can be found in different locations. With a few well-spent dollars you can purchase enough shirts, pants, pillowcases, and old shoes to create a scarecrow family!

The newly created scarecrows can sit in broken or off-kilter chairs which can easily be found at the curb, local landfill, or transfer stations. On Halloween night you can sit amongst your scarecrow family (wearing old clothes and some liberal face paint), and hand out the treats while keeping a weather eye open for tricks.

Gothic and Victorian Treasures

antique-bookcaseFor those looking for a darker theme, yard sales and fleamarkets are treasure troves to be explored. Candles seem to be available at all such events, and in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and colors. Old plates with chips and cracks are also readily available, making easy, inexpensive and somber additions to catch spilt candle wax.

Also at fleamarkets and yard sales old cabinet photos are often available. These photos, strategically placed among the newly acquired candles, can be arranged together around the holiday treats – making the trick or treater wonder who might be watching.

And finally, items can be found at the various locations to be used to display Halloween pieces. Occasionally real treasures can be found, such as a tall bookshelf, or a wall clock’s empty wooden case. The possibilities are broad, and are only limited by your own imagination.

So, as you drive to work, or serve as the family’s taxi, keep your eye out for future decorations!

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