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Halloween trees are a fairly new trend in decorating for the Halloween holiday. Like all other things specifically halloween tree ornamentcrafted for a holiday, or an event, the miniature ornaments made for the various styles of Halloween trees can be quite expensive. Cost aside, the fashioning of your own decorations for your Halloween tree can be a rewarding experience for both you and your family. Crafting ornaments is a small project that can easily fill a chilly afternoon, or a rainy day.

Finding Your Decor to Work With

The majority of the supplies that you’ll need can be found at your local craft store. Depending on the time of year, and how well stocked your local craft store is, you can find blank Christmas ornaments upon which to let your imagination wander. The items needed are generally inexpensive: foam brushes; craft paints; sparkles; and craft glue. For those of you who are more adventuresome, the craft store is a cornucopia of supplies, most of which can be added to your ornaments with the assistance of a small glue-gun.

If your store doesn’t carry blank Christmas ornaments in stock prior to the close of the Halloween season, old Christmas ornaments work just as well. Older ornaments can be found at thrift stores and yard-sales, as well as fleamarkets. Recently a neighbor of mine moved, and he gave me a large amount of small, golden ornaments. While the colors of the Christmas ornaments do not go with my wife’s Christmas theme, they are essentially blank canvases upon which she and my daughter can create Halloween ornaments for our Halloween tree!

When making your Halloween ornaments its best to hang them on the Halloween tree prior to their transformation. This will allow you to get a good feel of the weight which your particular tree can bear, and how you will want to space each decoration once it’s finished.

Creating Halloween Tree Ornaments For the Whole Family

halloween tree ornamentsIf you have young children who are creating ornaments as well, it’s best to make sure that they’re wearing old t-shirts, and that you have covered the surface your working on with plastic, or an old sheet. Surprisingly, paint has a habit of getting on things you didn’t want painted! Masking, or painters tape is excellent for securing the cover to the table, and make sure that you have plenty of soap ready for the necessary clean up.

A fairly wide variety of simple shapes and images – for those of us not blessed artistically – can be made with craft paints, glue, and glitter. Here’s a couple ideas:

  • Pumpkins are basic ovals, with triangles for eyes and noses, and half moons with squares for mouths. These shapes can be done not only with paint, but with glue and glitter.
  • Skulls can be traced out with toothpicks dipped in glue, and then sprinkled with glitter to give your Halloween tree a little bit of razzle dazzle.
  • The same can be done to make spider webs on ornaments, and if you’re painting, toothpicks are surprisingly versatile tools, allowing you to do fine lines and images.

Regardless of your skill level, however, once you have found your ornaments, and prepared your work station, you and your family can have hours of fun getting ready for Halloween – a holiday which lets you truly explore your creativity!

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