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Dollhouses serve as doorways into a magical world of imagination for many children and adults. The design, decoration, and furnishing of dollhouses is a popular hobby, and one into which you can sink thousands of dollars.

Each season has its appropriately scaled holiday items, yet for the thrifty collector, these varied decorations can be quite expensive as each is generally handmade, and not mass produced. Halloween decorations seem to be especially costly, as the items are limited, and tend to take a great deal of skill to craft and prepare.

Decorating Your Own Dollhouse

The cost of decorating with store bought items should not put you off from decorating your doll house yourself for the Halloween holiday, however! Your local craft store is rich with a wide variety of items with which to make your own Halloween decorations.

You can easily buy unfurnished dollhouses at any craft store, or look for an old one at a flea market or rummage sale. If what you buy has already been painted, sand it down to get rid of dirt and particles to create a clean surface to work with.

Whether your dollhouse is a simple cottage, a grand Victorian, or a rustic farmhouse, the basic materials to prepare it for Halloween can be found with just a little bit of looking. Once you’ve obtained the necessary supplies, all it takes is a little imagination, and a little patience, to create a Halloween scene for your dollhouse.

At craft stores and general office supply stores you can find ribbons, glue, glue sticks, construction paper, tissue paper for wrapping delicate and breakable items, and a fairly new material referred to as ‘foamies.’

With these items (and a sharp pair of scissors), you can begin to create your decorations. Tissue paper ghosts are a mainstay of elementary schools around the country, and can be easily made with some ribbon, a few cotton balls, and a Sharpie. Various pumpkins, additional ghosts, witches, and other Halloween symbols can be cut from the foamies. Black ribbon can be cut and tied into small bows.

For more inspiration, check out the following how-to articles on crafting furniture and dollhouses:

When you’ve settled on the items which you would like to make, make sure that your work space is clear (and that you don’t end up accidentally cutting your own clothing!), and take your time. There is no need to rush, as you’re looking for quality over quantity.

Once you finish your decorations, its time to place them in your dollhouse. How you’ve decorated your dollhouse with its regular furnishings will more than likely dictate how you put out your Halloween decorations. If you have a Victorian dollhouse, you may want to focus on ribbons and silhouettes. Cottages may call for witches and ghosts. A farmhouse might need pumpkins and tissue paper ghosts.

However you decided to decorate your dollhouse, though, you will have made your own decorations, and prepared your miniature home for Halloween in your own fashion. And whether you’ve done that alone, or with the help of others, it will be an enjoyable and relaxing experience. One which you will be able to look forward to with the coming of each Halloween!

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