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Something ghostly this way comes. These versatile Halloween ghosts can be made in any size. Even the big ones are so lightweight they will easily stay hung on your walls and ceilings as great decorations all through Halloween night. Boo!

Materials Needed:

  • Old white sheet
  • Scissors
  • Lots of lightweight, white gauze (you can buy by the yard at sewing stores)
  • White, black or red yarn
  • Lots of crumpled newspaper
  • Needle and heavy thread, such as plastic coated thread
  • Markers

Small Halloween Ghosts

For each ghost that you plan to make, crumple up a ball of newspaper the size of the head. For a small ghost, somewhere between the size of a golfball and a baseball is appropriate.

For each ghost, cut a circle of white gauze about 18 inches in diameter.

Cut a circle of white sheet or cloth anywhere from 12-16 inches in diameter.

Place the gauze circle on top of the white sheet circle. Then, place the newspaper ball in the very center. Gather all of the material around the ball and tie with yarn at the neck – red yarn will give a gory effect, white will be more invisible. The gauze should hang underneath and below the white sheet.

At this point, you can use the markers to give your ghost a face. You can choose to leave the gauze and sheet as is, or cut jagged edges on the bottom of your ghost — each choice gives a different and equally interesting effect.

Take needle and thread, and attach and knot the thread through the top of each ghost’s head. Strong tape will keep these ghosts hanging from your ceiling as long as you like!

Big Halloween Ghosts

Now that you have the hang of it, take more newspaper and make a life-size head. Use circles of white fabric and gauze that are large enough to seem like a small dress.

Put your big ghost together the same way you did the little ones. After you get the neck yarn tied, make sure to cut the bottom of the white sheet in a jagged pattern to show off the white gauze underneath. And don’t forget to make a scary face with markers on your ghost!

This big, scary ghosts love to hang out in doorways and at the top of staircases. He has a lot of fun when he is hung close to the front doorway to greet trick-or-treaters on Halloween night. He is lightweight, but he should be anchored well by hanging on a hook or with very strong tape. And even though he might be scary, he is still a lot of fun.

Enjoy your ghosts!

by Beth Taylor

Drawing of ghost