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Looking for some Halloween decor? We always like to look for materials around the house and make our own. For this project, choose a ceramic or resin figurine with for your makeover – the more innocent looking, the better!

If the piece has a glossy finish, you’ll need to coat it with white spray paint or gesso before you begin. If you don’t have a piece to recycle for this project, you can look for one at the dollar store, thrift shop or at a garage sale.

Supplies (to make one figure):

  • 1 freestanding collectible or figurine
  • Acrylic craft paint in Halloween colors
  • Paintbrushes in assorted sizes
  • Fine tipped paint markers
  • Black paper (optional, for a hat)
  • Clear acrylic sealer


  1. Prepare the figurine: Wash and dry the figurine to get it ready to accept paint. Dry with a paper towel.
  2. Basecoat the figure: Use a medium sized brush to coat the figure with white paint. Even if the colors you are planning on using are dark, they will show up better if you base coat it first. Let the figurine dry completely.
  3. Paint the clothing: Use a fine paintbrush to add color to the figure’s clothing. Paint each piece a different color. For stripes, paint the clothing a bright color like orange or lime green and let the paint dry. Go over the spot a second time with a fine black paint marker to add stripes if desired.
  4. Paint the skin: Paint the face and hands a flesh tone if desired. You can substitute green for a zombie look or white for a “Day of the Dead” sugar skull look.
  5. Paint the hair: Paint the hair with your preferred color; depending on the finished look you want, you can use a natural brown or blonde shade or go with a wild red or gothic black.
  6. Add the details: Use a fine paint marker to add details to the facial features and clothing. Eyes, buttons and other small details are easier to apply with a fine marker than a brush. Let the piece dry.
  7. Protect the paint: Apply a coat of spray sealer or a brush-on sealer to protect the finish.
  8. Add details: Make a simple hat or other accessories from Halloween printed fabric or paper and attach to the figure with glue.

Scoop up figurines for a bargain after a holiday has passed. You can make an entire display of matching figurines, or make a single, oversized piece to be the center of a Halloween display.

Cute, innocent figurine ... Cute, innocent figurine revamped!

Cute, innocent figurine … revamped!

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