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When planning a Halloween party for adults, having super decorations can definitely make a lasting impression. Sure, there are lots of ready-made items you can use to adorn your party space. However, some hand-made items not only add a unique and inexpensive touch to your party, they can be  personalized as well. Your guests will rave about these homemade touches you can make in no time:

Tombstones – A Little Effort Goes a Long Way

Among the most popular items at parties I’ve hosted are the Guest-Name tombstones. You can put in a little time or a whole lot, depending on your party guest list size and the time you have available.

Using butcher paper or any large-sized white or grey paper, cut out tombstones that are about 2 feet tall each. Now the good-natured fun begins! You are going to personalize each tombstone with the name of each guest. If you’re feeling creative along with your spooky mood, personalize them in a humorous way. For example, for a friend who enjoys deep sea fishing:

Here Lies Scott Smith,
A better angler’s there’s never been.
Alas one day came,
A shark of some fame
Jaws met Scott, you can guess who did win.

The Halloween Tree


The goal is to awaken your creative juices and bring smiles to the faces of your guests. Along these lines, I always have a 4’ tall Halloween Tree, which is decorative and helps you remember the festivities’ participants.

Using a small artificial Christmas tree – and the way stores put out the Christmas merchandise, you should have no trouble picking up one of these around this time of year! – decorate the tree with orange lights and easy-to-make white tissue paper ghosts (stuff white paper towels with tissues, tie to create a neck, and put on a scary face with permanent marker). ALTERNATE CHOICE: Choose any “spindly,” leafless artificial mini-tree.

Next, using orange flat paint, paint some white or clear Christmas ball ornaments in a bright orange hue. Mix things up by cutting pieces of cardboard in Halloween colors; glue together into fanciful shapes. Tie each with a Halloween-themed ribbon, which is readily available at any craft store. As the guests arrive, using a permanent marker, have each sign his name and a message on an orange ornament and hang it on the tree. Voila! A beautiful centerpiece for your party and a fun keepsake for you.

We Do Windows!

You can use car window chalk to write on your windows: BEWARE! DANGER! TURN BACK NOW! Draw simple ghosts with the chalk if you’re adept at drawing simple figures. Use your imagination. Bats are easy to draw using black chalk paint as are witches’ hats, nighttime stars in yellow paint, and ghoulish faces in green paint. Use pictures you can easily find online as your guides. Best of all, if you make a mistake, just wipe the paint away and give it another try!

The Pumpkin Patch and Other Tips

Finally, it’s always fun to have an indoor pumpkin patch if you have the room. I use wild ivy on the floor, along a wall, and real pumpkins scattered amidst the foliage. Have a few vases of black roses (easy to make with black tissue paper and dead-colored pipe cleaners for stems). Add a fog machine you can buy or rent, and the mood is set! Throw in a dance contest to Michael Jackson’s famous “thrilling” tune, and hysterical fun is sure to follow. Reclaim the holiday for us “old” people. It’s not just a holiday for kids!

One thought on “Halloween Party Decor: Four Creative Ideas”

  1. Great tips, Kate. Good article.

    For tombstones, my very favorite so far is the word “vacancy” on the front with an arrow pointing downward. Simple but effective!

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