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Thanks, guest contributor Sarah Briggs, for this haunting tutorial!

You can never have enough bodies when haunting a porch, yard, or house!. Every time I haunt the house for a kid’s party or for our adult parties, I like to have ghostly bodies placed around my rooms in chairs or at the piano.

But, sadly, real bodies stink after a bit, and fake bodies can cost a lot to make. And then there’s the storage issue after Halloween.

What else could I do but come up with a new way to fill my needs without the stench of death or spending big bucks? Here are a few ideas that might help you, too. Got ten minutes? You’ve got bodies!

Supplies for a Piano Ghost:

  • Wig head
  • Wire tomato cage
  • Duct tape
  • Gauzy white sheer curtain or several yards of white sheer material
  • 21 gage wire for the arms

piano ghost prop

Step One:

Set the tomato cage on the piano bench and secure it with some weights wrapped in black plastic and set on the edges of the cage. Pull the three wire legs together and wrap with duct tape and pop on the wig head. You may have to play with it to get it to stay since each head is different.

Take the roll of heavy gage wire and measure from one side of the keyboard, around the cage, and to the other side of the keyboard for the arms and hands. Cut the wire and either tape it in place with duct tape or with thin florist wire. Now drape your sheer curtain or material over the head and over the tips of the wire for its hands.

Step Two:

There is no step two! Told you it was fast.

Ghost Number Two:

  • White flat sheet
  • Wig head
  • Wooden dowel
  • Rocker or other high-backed wooden chair
  • Pants
  • Boots or shoes
  • Newspapers
  • White gloves stuffed with white paper or tissue
  • Florist wire

Step One and Only

Get the wig head and insert the dowel into the head. Wire the dowel to one of the rungs of the chair. Make sure the head sticks up above the back of the chair so that it’ll make your guests wonder if it’s a dummy or a real person.

Now attach the stuffed gloves to the arm of the chair so that it looks natural. Stuff the pair of pants with newspapers until the legs are firm but bendable. Set the pants into the chair, attach some florist wire through the belt loops on both sides of the pants, and wire them onto a rung of the chair.

Now add the shoes or boots and be sure to place the shoes like someone would if they actually sat there. Cover the whole thing with the white sheet but make sure that only part of the legs/shoes and their hands show as you drape the whole chair with the sheet. Done!

Some of my best props, and sometime scares, are when I toss some last-minute things together. Try these two easy ghostly visitors and watch how your guests will react. Happy Halloween!

One thought on “10-Minute Ghostly “Bodies” to Haunt Your House”

  1. WHOA. Looks amazingly…real. I need some dead dudes to round out my display…may make a couple of these.

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