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I know you are thinking – I must be nuts to suggest using paper bats as a serious decoration. I am nuts when it comes to these little beauties and just wait until you try them, and you will see why. The bats are fun and quick to make and add a lot to a room, at very little cost. You can add bats to any area of your room including your mini blinds by hot gluing them on clothes pins! You can have several different sized bats hanging from fishing line on the ceiling. Take a ball of rubber tack and stick them on your walls, pictures and mirrors. I tell ya, there are so many ways to use these simple paper bats, and I think you will agree once you try them.

Here is what you need:

  • Bat pattern
  • Heavy black paper stock
  • Fishing line
  • Hot glue gun
  • Tape
  • Clothes pins
  • Office tack

Draw a bat or find a pattern that you like and photo copy your pattern in three different sizes on card stock. Cut the copied pattern out and trace them onto your black paper. Now look around your room/s and try to decide on how many bats you want to make and where you would like to have your bats. Take a bat and hot glue it to the clothes pin and let it cool for a few seconds. It is ready to be pinned. Be sure that your bats aren’t all glued on to the clothes pins going just one direction. Turn some sideways, upside down and right side up. It will help you create a more realistic pattern on your lamps, ceiling and mini blinds. Take a piece of tape, carefully fold the wings together and hang them near the ceiling upside down like the bats are resting.

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