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How to Make an Easy Coffin Toss Game

Supply list:

  • 1/4 inch sheet of plywood to cut into coffin pieces – top and sides
  • Piece of plywood or Masonite for the bottom
  • bunch of nails, or wood screws
  • Cheap, blow-molded bones – available at party stores
  • A can of black spray paint
  • Two hinges

This is a really easy project and actually pretty fast to put together. You can make a toe pincher coffin at your local home building store. Our Lowe’s is outstanding for helping people like me that hate to use power saws. I just took my drawing with me, and they selected the board I needed. They cut the angles and then found a damaged sheet of Masonite for the bottom. All I had to do was come home and nail it all together. (I had to wrestle the project away from those nice guys at Lowe’s!)

Coffin Toss

If you love power tools, you’ll love to do everything yourself! Simply trace out the shape of the coffin and cut it out of the plywood sheet. Use the top to trace the bottom, and cut that out. Use the leftover pieces to make your sides, about a foot deep. Nail or screw all the pieces together to the bottom, and spray paint the entire coffin black. You can use wood glue on the sides before painting your coffin to increase the sturdiness. Drill the hinges into the inner sides of the coffin, and attach the top to it. Use a piece of wood to keep it propped open when in use. Done!

If this sounds like too much trouble, you can go to a party supply store and buy one of several different kinds of coffins. It’s up to you and your budget. Once you get your coffin arranged, buy a bag of cheap blow-molded bones and set the coffin up at a slight angle in your yard. The kids loved tossing different kinds of bones into the coffin, and the bones store inside for next year.

Time to make: No time at all if you get the hardware guys to do it! Probably a nice, lazy afternoon if you do it yourself. This is just too darn fast and easy. Oh, and cheap, too!

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