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How to Make a Demented Dime Toss Game

Supplies Needed:

  • White foam core, about 18 inches by 18 inches – available at any craft or art store (or snag a foam board used as packing if a friend bought a new appliance!)
  • Sharpie markers (several different colors)
  • Pencil
  • Colored Duct Tape
  • Bulletin board border (in fall or Halloween design)
  • A roll or two of dimes
  • Two prize containers (one for candy and one for prizes)
  • A t-square
  • optional: 1/2 inch number stickers (how many depends on how many squares you make and how large the squares are) instead of writing the numbers on the foam.
Demented Dime Toss Halloween game

First, we’re going to create the game board. You’ll be using the piece of white foam core (better to see the dimes at night), different color Sharpie markers, “number” stickers if you wish, a roll of colored duct tape (you know I would find a way to use duct tape with every game!), the bulletin board border and a t-square.

With your white foam, draw a two inch wide border around the top and sides but leave a 4″ to 6″ border on the bottom so you can write the name of the game on the bottom. Using your t-square, measure and draw eight lines across and ten down with a pencil, spaced one inch apart – you can do more or less, depending on the size of your foam board, but this worked well for us.

If you choose this number, you should have a total of ninety-nine squares when you’re done. Write a random #1 or #2 in the center of each square, or use number stickers. Next, line the top left and bottom right of the square with a colored marker. With a different color, draw the upper right and bottom left borders. This will give your game board a colorful and finished antique look.

Take the colored duct tape and tape a border around the foam. On the bottom, write a name for your game. Finally, take the bulletin board border, stand it on end, and tape it standing up around the edges of the foam to create a shallow box. This will keep the dimes from racing off the game board. Use the colored duct tape as reinforcement.

What does the #1 and #2 squares mean? It’s a choice between different types of candy, between candy and a toy, or anything you can think of! At our house, I always give the kids a choice of either a toy (#1) or candy (#2). This way it’s up to chance, and they love seeing what they’ve won. Get a roll or two of dimes because you will need extras dimes between the darkness, the bouncing out of the game board, or if a gargoyle comes your way and eats them. Don’t laugh – all things are possible on Halloween night!

To play the game, hand each child three dimes and have him or her try to aim at the number of the desired prize. The rules are simple – if he or she gets two #1 and a #2, and your rules have #1 as a toy, he or she gets a toy, since there’s more dimes on that number. Kids are wild about getting a choice, and I love to supply that choice!

Time to make: About an hour, when you have all the supplies. Draw the squares, number them however you want (writing is faster and cheaper) and taping the stand up border.

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