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One of the most enjoyable aspects of the Halloween holiday is the preparation for the holiday itself. Driving around neighborhoods to observe and appreciate decorations is one way to get in the Halloween mood, while another is to visit various cemeteries, graveyards, and burial grounds.

Older communities have a wealth of final resting places for the dead, and at least one with appropriate Halloween ambiance can be found. When a cemetery has been chosen for further examination, the cemetery itself can make a wonderful family outing!

Picnicking in a Cemetery – Getting Prepared

When picnicking in a cemetery in preparation for Halloween, a visit to the local library can enhance the overall experience. Parents with or without their children can borrow age appropriate ghost stories, or, for those who are a little more ambitious, they can dig a little into local history. Nearly every community has at least one ghost story or unexplainable incident, and such tales take on added power within the confines of a cemetery.

Thus, equipped for the mental aspect of a picnic with the dead, preparations for the physical aspect need to be made. One must always be mindful of the weather, and children should be dressed appropriately. If a child wishes to wear his or her Halloween costume, extra clothing should be brought along just in case the child changes his or her mind halfway through the picnic, and decides that wearing the costume wasn’t as much fun as anticipated.

A blanket should be brought as well as a trash-bag. The blanket is a wonderful item to both sit on and to keep track of the various picnicking pieces. The trash-bag ensures that nothing is left behind to dirty or defile the cemetery’s sanctity.


At the Cemetery

On a pleasant fall day in October, then, a small lunch can be packed and loaded into the car (or carried if the chosen cemetery is close enough). Once at the cemetery it is best to park the car near where you wish to explore, and walk through the cemetery itself.

So long as you and your children are respectful of the cemetery’s permanent residents, it is quite alright to avoid the cemetery’s roads and to walk amongst the headstones. Walking thus allows everyone to see who rests beneath the stones, and to keep their eyes open for a pleasant spot for the picnic.

Eating, drinking, and spending time as a family is a wonderful thing, especially during Halloween, which can make the picnic even more enjoyable. Picnicking in a cemetery, along with telling passing strange tales of the community, can help set the mood for a holiday which goes by entirely too quickly!

Let us know your thoughts, stories and experiences in a cemetery near Halloween. Please comment below!

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