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My daughter is only eight, and she seems to have collected ten or more jack-o-lantern treat buckets! I was desperately searching the Halloween odds and ends box for anything I could use when I casually knocked into a stack of jack-o-lantern treat buckets. I started to push them back into the closet when I got an idea. This was just too perfect!

I grabbed five of the treat buckets that were different sizes and colors and headed to my costume trunk that is filled with hats, glasses, wigs and costume props. I put a plastic safari hat, funky wig and glasses on one treat bucket, and it looked great. I put a child’s witch hat with hair, one with a bat hat and one with a fez. In less than ten minutes, I had five inexpensive, great looking decorations! Kids and adults alike could knock them over or carry them around, and these decorations would withstand the test of time and toddlers. I couldn’t believe I didn’t have to buy a thing! This was just the kind of idea I needed! It was just the beginning once I realized that there were other decorations I could make from this box of junk.

Don’t forget to add some of your old Christmas lights inside the Jack-O-Lanterns for a really eerie look! Put a string of orange, green or amber lights in your decorated treat buckets, add a funny wig or hat and wow! Put that decoration in a dark corner and watch it come to life! If you have the space, why not put several different sizes in one grouping? I even use them for heads for my scarecrow family. I now pick up all the buckets I can find at yard sales and flea markets. Funny, people almost give them to you. The jack-o-lanterns decorations were the hit of my party and survived my big and little guests much better than some of the things I had made or spent big bucks on. I wish I could have said the same for the twenty dollar prop I bought because I just had to have it.

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