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This is a recipe with flair! The presentation is part of the overall recipe, and it makes a great centerpiece your Halloween party.

On your table, hang Halloween plastic streamers (the kind with the ghosts and/or witches and cats) around the edges, about one or two inches down. Place a white or light-colored table cloth over the streamers, covering them completely. You can also get a large table cloth that will hang near to the floor.

Under the table place an electric lantern – these usually take two D batteries and are for camping – they throw off almost no heat. You can even cover it with orange or red film. You will then see the shadows of the ghosts, witches and cats through the table cloth. Spoooky!

For the punch, you need a glass punch bowl with a hollowed-out raised base. Take the base of the punch bowl and put underneath either a small flashing electric light or just a regular one. They are small, about tea-light size, and you get them at dollar stores. Putting the punch bowl on top with liquid is a great effect, especially when you lower the lights. Kids and adults will love it!

The party punch is a combination of severed ice hands, eyes, Jello wigglers and the punch itself. You’ll need:

  • Grape drink crystal mix
  • A package of new, unused white latex gloves (doctor style)
  • Grapes (red and/or green)
  • Two ice cube trays
  • Jello – any colour but orange
  • Orange drink crystal mix
  • 2 litres of either ginger ale or 7up/Sprite – For an alcoholic variation, add Malibu or fruity rum

Severed Hand

Mix up the grape drink mix. Put on and wash the gloves and rinse well. Turn them inside out and fill them with grape drink. Tie off the wrists and put them in the freezer. Freeze entirely.

Eyeball Grapes

Wash and separate the grapes. Fill the ice cube trays 3/4 full and put in the freezer – my friend peels the grapes, I don’t – it’s up to you. Don’t let the water completely freeze! After about 45 minutes – your freezer will be different so check after thirty minutes – take the grapes and pop them into the partially frozen water. Wait another 20 to 30 minutes and then top up any cubes that aren’t filled or any grapes that aren’t fully covered. Freeze entirely.

A variation is to cut the grape in half so that it has not only an ‘eye’ but an ‘eyeball’ with the center part. Have fun with it.

Jello Wigglers

Make your jello in a square tray. While mixing, either increase mix or decrease water as if you’re making Jello Wigglers. Let it set.

Main Punch

Mix 2 litres of orange drink mix into punch bowl, and mix in 2 litres of soda.

Cut up the thick jello or just mangle with a spoon (good for young kids to do) and put it into the punch – this adds the slime factor.

Once the Severed Hands are frozen, carefully peel off the gloves. If a finger breaks off, it just adds to the ghoulish ambiance! Put the Severed Hands in the punch. Now add the grape “eye ball” ice cubes (or save them for other drinks). Done!

The effect is wonderful, as the colors swirl and the punch bowl and table is lit underneath. Makes a great prop and delicious punch for kids!

PS. Use what ever punch recipes you like, just use complementary colours and flavors. Happy Halloween.

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  1. My friend wrote this up for me. She said she was going to do this for her Halloween party, so I’ll be asking for pics! A lot of the set-up has to do with the presentation of the punch and party table.

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