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Every time I had a party for my daughter, either at school or at home, I would rack my brains trying to come up with some simple yet clever party favors to give the kids. Hundreds, if not thousands of ideas exist on the web, but they were either too costly, too hard to find the supplies, or I had to be a full-time artist to make the items they called “simple and cheap.” Time to improvise!

Skeleton Hand Favors

At my local discount store, I looked at all the typical treat holders, which were cute but nothing out of the ordinary. I stood back and started thinking about what I could do with the first item I saw: a package of twelve mini skeleton hands. I thought about what it should be holding in its hand. I grabbed a bag of foil wrapped candy eyeballs, Tootsie Pops, and spider rings. Look how cute they turned out!

Skeleton Hand Favors
Skeleton Hand Favors

Here are several variations you can do in just a few minutes and with a little imagination. Oh, and no one else will be handing out the same thing as you!

Victorian Style Halloween Candy Cones

When I played around with my graphics program, I saw a pattern for a May Flower Cone. My twisted little mind came up with a great simple candy holder that is so inexpensive and creative that you and your kids can make them in one afternoon!


Victorian Style Halloween Candy Cones
  • Halloween color paper
  • Jumbo pipe cleaners
  • Halloween sticker or Halloween stamps and ink pad
  • Stapler
  • Lace and trims
  • Double stick tape/Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
Victorian Style Halloween Candy Cones

Print out a copy of the pattern and cut out as many cones as you need. Gently start pulling the edges together so that a cone forms. Be careful that the tip of the cone is closed so the candy won’t fall out. Staple the edge and down the sides so the cone is nice and sturdy. You can add double stick tape along the edge of the cone if it starts separating.

Punch two holes on either side of the top of the cone and attach jumbo pipe cleaners to form the handles. Your cone is built!

Decorating the Cone

Now comes the fun part! Add stickers to the cones or stamp them with all kinds of fun ink stamps. Take your lace or ribbons and hot glue them around the top of the cone’s outside. Attention: Either parents or adults need to do the hot gluing on the cones, since kids can get badly burned with glue guns!

There are many ways to decorate the cones, and you can make these for all seasons, too. The kids love to get make them, and their friends feel really special when they get one, too.

Victorian Style Halloween Candy Cones

Silhouette Treat Bags


  • Brown or white bags (the smaller the better)
  • Stamper/Stencils/stickers
  • Thin ribbons (two or three colors)
  • Hole punch
  • Black Sharpie marker/pencil

One day I found out that the mom doing the treat bags for the school class had
dropped out. My daughter’s teacher called me in a panic and asked if I could come up with thirty treat bags for the next day. “Sure,” I calmly answered, hung up the phone, my hand already shaking, and then went into a full panic.

I raced around town and couldn’t find thirty of any one kind of treat container! As I jogged past a craft section in a store, I saw bags of little brown paper sacks. I grabbed thirty-five of them (I always goof up on some of them) and gleefully headed home, ideas racing in my mind. I’d been looking at a child’s stencil book the night before and had thought of what great silhouettes they’d make.

I laid all the bags flat on the table and traced each stencil lightly with a pencil. Then I took a Sharpie marker and filled it in. It looked great! Next, I filled the bags with candy, toys, and a Halloween tongue twister I’d printed off and cut into strips. I folded the bag shut and punched two holes side by side. I ran the three colors of ribbons though and tied them in a bow. Done!

So don’t panic if you get caught short or if you just want to do something special for a party you’re helping with at the last moment. Take a minute to look around at what you have and an idea will come to you that will be totally original and wow everyone. Shoot, I make up different favors for every holiday and pull them out to fill when the day comes. So sit back on the next burning hot July day and make Halloween flavors then and store them.

Check back for other ideas. I’ll be posting more Halloween favors and treats for other holidays. You can never have too many ideas on hand!

by Sarah Briggs

3 thoughts on “Quick and Fantastic Halloween Party Favors”

  1. Where do you get the skeleton hands to make those favors. My kids will get a kick out of those.

  2. Try any dollar or discount store – I’m starting to see Halloween items on the shelves already!

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