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Music and games: this classically chilling combo really sets the mood at your Halloween party. So just for you, we’ve pulled together this easy, awesomesauce  Halloween music  trivia game!

Quiz yourself or a creepy friend with these 13 creepy classics. They span nearly six decades so everyone can get in on the freaky fun. Enjoy!

1) According to the song “Werewolves of London,” what was the werewolf at Trader Vic’s drinking?

a) a gin and tonic

b) a pina colada

c) a sex on the beach

d) a sloe gin fizz

(Answer: b)

2) According to the Charlie Daniels Band, what fiddle-player did the devil encounter when he went down to Georgia?

a) Billy Ray

b) Cotton-Eyed Joe

c) Trevor

d) Johnny

(Answer: d)

3) In the Disney classic children’s Halloween song, what do the Grim Grinning Ghosts come out to do?

a) socialize

b) haunt the mansion

c) awaken the dead

d) dance

(Answer: a)

4) What Australian rock band wrote “Hell’s Bells” in an album released Oct. 31, 1980?

a) Black Sabbath

b) White Zombie

c) Alice Cooper

d) AC/DC

(Answer: d)

5) What spooky television theme song was nominated for a Grammy in 1965?

a) The Addams Family Theme

b) The Twilight Zone Theme

c) The Munsters Theme

d) The Outer Limits Theme

(Answer: c)

6) The Spanish-influenced classic “Black Magic Woman” by the band Santana has an alternate name. What is it?

a) Gypsy Queen

b) Witchy Woman

c) Borderlands

d) The Spell

(Answer: a)

7) What world-famous bad boy did the Rolling Stones have sympathy for in 1968?

a) Pilate

b) the devil

c) Vlad the Impaler

d) Joseph Stalin

(Answer: b)

8) Who wrote the song “Spooky” (“…Love is kind of crazy with a spooky little girl like you”…)?

a) Mike Sharpe

b) Dennis Yost

c) The Classics IV

d) Atlanta Rhythm Section

(Answer: c)

9) How many horns did the Flying Purple People Eater have?

a) one

b) two

c) three

d) four

(Answer: a)

10) What must you leave at the door if you wish to enter the Dead Man’s Party?

a) your weapons

b) beer

c) your body

d) your inhibitions

(Answer: c)

11) According to the rock band Eagles (bonus trivia: it’s just “Eagles,” not “the Eagles” – yup, really!), she’s been sleeping in the devil’s bed. Who is she?

a) Melania Trump

b) the Enchantress

c) the Witchy Woman

d) money (it’s symbolic)

12) His jarring “Cupid Carries a Gun” was used as the theme song for the short-lived TV series Salem. Who is he?

a) Marilyn Manson

b) Rob Zombie

c) Dannie Elfman

d) Thomas Dolby

(Answer: a)

13) Apparently, this group LOVED trick-or-treating in the 1980s! Who performed “I Want Candy”?

a) Bow Wow Wow

b) The Bangles

c) Cindy Lauper

d) The B-52s

(Answer: a)

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