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How to Make a Witch Hat Ring Toss Game

Supplies needed:

  • Three or six tall black witch hats
  • Three or six 2 liter bottles, full of your favorite beverage
  • Decorations for the hats (ribbon, sequins or yarn)
  • Sacks or felt to temporarily cover the bottles
  • Jumbo pipe cleaners (several packs)
  • Halloween vinyl table cloth to set the game up on

Simple black witch hats, full bottles and seasonal trim make this a fast game to make, and the kids love it!

Decorate the hats with different ribbons; use trims or even pipe cleaners so they look festive, but be sure you can take the trim off for storage. Set the hats over the soda bottles and make sure you can’t see the bottles’ logos – if you can – cover them with paper bags or felt. Set the soda bottles/hats in various positions on a vinyl table cloth on the ground or on a table.

Witch Hat Ring Toss

Get a package of super long pipe cleaners to make the rings. Check to see if the pipe cleaner wires are sharp. If they are, take needle nose pliers and curl the metal tips of the pipe cleaners under themselves because they can be sharp enough to poke the person tossing them. Use several pipe cleaners or as many as you need for strength to form the ring. Fashion several rings, some large and some small for different difficulty levels, and you’re done! You can assign different points to some of the hats to make it harder, and make several throw lines so every child can play.

Time to make: One or two hours depending on how fancy you want to decorate the hats, and for making the pipe cleaners. Storage is a breeze–drink the contents of the 2 liter bottles, take the hat trim off, and stack the hats before you lay the pointed crown down. Put the hats, band decorations, and rings in a gift size box (large department store holiday box), and you’ll be ready for next year.

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