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There are endless varieties of Halloween costumes for babies, children, teens, and young adults. It doesn’t matter if you’re the type of parent who is more conservative (those cleavage-showing costumes which have no place in your daughter’s closet or under your roof at all), or if you’re a bit more liberal with what your children are allowed to wear for Halloween (a vampire with a blood red pentagram patched into your teens forehead wouldn’t bother you at all), there is literally something for everyone on Halloween.

One of the best things about Halloween is that it is one of the few holidays where you don’t have to spend a dime to participate; Your child can make a decent Halloween costume with various things lying about your home, or in your closet. However, finding costumes for plus-size kids can be a little more difficult than finding costumes for the average sized child. This is because many Halloween shops only offer “one size” costumes, many which will not fit a plus-sized child.

Halloween pumpkin and child

Over the last few years, many new costumes on the market come in a variety of sizes – most of these will be found at large, online Halloween stores where they can afford a much larger selection. Thus, if your child is looking for the latest Disney costume, chances are good you’ll find your child’s size online.

Costume Ideas

The all-time number one costume for the plus-size child, that is Halloween themed and an absolute classic, is a good old Halloween Pumpkin. There are many creative ways to go about making a Halloween pumpkin costume. A simple one is to get a bright orange piece of fabric – cut it in a circle making a small hole for the head in the center and using a draw-string at the bottom, around the thigh or knee area. Many costume shops sell Pumpkin-costumes that are large and simply need to be “slipped” on.

Princess or other fairytale costumes are easy to make. Simply buy or wear an existing fancy gown, add a crown, a wand, and shoes. Add glitter to your child’s face, slip on some velvet gloves, and viola, your child is ready for the ball! For Alice in Wonderland, cut out an image of her “usual” look (blue dress, white body apron, black hair bow and white stockings) and look for those items in a clothing or second-hand store. Have her carry a bag with a teapot on it while trick or treating!

Superheroes are also a popular costume idea, and can be easy made with regular clothes. Find an extra-large spandex shirt, Iron a superhero emblem to the front, and stuff some shirts in the arms to make impressive, superhero biceps! A mask completes this heroic effect!

Anything with a mask is the next great option – everything from a werewolf, vampire, and celebrity masks can be easily found in any costume shop. Throw on some clothes but the Internet is where this method of finding a mask really shines. Around Halloween time, eBay is a cornucopia of Halloween costumes, and you can most likely find either a brilliantly made costume mask or even have one custom-made for you through an eBay vendor.

If you can’t find a witch costume in your child’s size, you can easily make it at home, or with a small shopping list.


  1. A long, black wig (purchased from any local Hair Shop)
  2. Green camouflage face paint (purchased from Wal-Mart or a dollar store)
  3. A black dress, available for around $10-15 dollars. This is such a common item around Halloween – they’ll have it in a variety of sizes.

In wearing the black dress of choice, next apply the face paint, and then finally the wig. Behold, you have your very own Wicked Witch of the West! An innocent Halloween costume that is sure to impress, regardless of age, size, or budget. Wicked Witch masks are common at Halloween time as well. In combining these two methods, the plus-sized child has the perfect costume for Halloween fun.

An overweight child shouldn’t have to be restricted from the same Halloween fun that all children enjoy. Just like any Halloween costume, the only limit to what can be done for a Halloween costume is the parent’s or the child’s imagination. For everyone, especially children, imagination is a limitless thing!

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