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There are countless haunted attractions throughout the United States. For our money, these are are some of the most spooktacular. Grab a friend, your guts and of course, your phone (you HAVE to catch your BFF’s reactions!) or brave it yourself at these totally haunted Halloween 2019 destinations.

ESP has seen some scary ISH. Visitors say they can feel the vibes.

Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary

Eastern State Penitentiary (which is, appropriately enough, nicknamed ESP) is one of the United States’ most storied prisons.

Between 1829 and 1971 it hosted notorious criminals like bank robber Willie Sutton and gangster Al Capone. As far back as the 1940s, prisoners and officers alike reported creepy experiences and mysterious visions.

To this day it is considered a hotspot for hauntings, and as such it’s been featured on several ghost-hunting shows. These days, the designated historic site banks on that haunted vibe coming through during their annual Terror Behind the Walls events.

Dark Harbor makes the already-haunted Queen Mary even scarier.

The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor

If there’s anything on the seven seas scarier than a ghost ship, it’s a haunted one. And trust that the Queen Mary has seen some ish, my spooky friends.

Since her launch in 1936, she has served as a luxury ocean liner, a troopship during World War II, and now as a floating hotel in Long Beach, CA.

During that time she picked up some permanent passengers in the form of ghosts, including an engineer who perished in the engine room, a “lady in white”, and the spirits of several children. And have we mentioned haunted Stateroom B340?

Luckily, the Queen’s proprietors love embracing her spooky history and offer year-round tours of its haunted halls, in addition to their annual Halloween attractions like this year’s Dark Harbor.

Another glorious morning! It makes us sick. Try Salem’s Hocus Pocus tours.

Hocus Pocus Tours in Salem, MA

Why visit a haunted house when you could experience a whole haunted town?

Salem, MA has one of the darkest town histories in the United States, thanks to the fear and hysteria that pervaded the town in the late 1600s during the eras of the Salem Witch Trials.

During that short but tragic time period, hundreds of people were accused of witchcraft, and twenty people were put to death for their alleged witchy practices. It was the original Satanic Panic.

Hocus Pocus Tours based in Salem offers one of the most comprehensive tours of Salem’s most haunted spots. While the tours are thrilling, they are also rich and informative with great attention to historic details. Spooky AND educational!

Well, you can try to run, anyway. Field of Screams really delivers.

Field of Screams in Lancaster, PA

We love a genuine historically haunted location. But sometimes there’s something fun about a good, old-fashioned haunted house full of jump scares and skilled performers doing their level best to scare the pants off of you.

Every year Field of Screams offers a variety of attractions designed to feed on your deepest fears. For example, ever been afraid that freaky scarecrows will drag you off into the dark night? (Is there a word for that?) It just might happen here.

The actors are spectacular at being able to improvise in the moment, making each scare truly unique.

As long as you don’t visit it after dark, you should be fine. (Oops!) St. Augustine’s.

St. Augustine’s Old Jail

The city of St. Augustine in Florida is the longest continually-inhabited city in the contiguous United States.

A city with that kind of history is bound to have a lot of hauntings, and the Old Jail is said to be one of the most haunted places in the city. That makes sense: prisoners were treated incredibly inhumanely, and several dangerous criminals were hanged from the gallows.

Perhaps the only thing that could make this haunted attraction even spookier would be if alligator ghosts roamed the dim halls. But visitors say just the vibe at St. Augustine’s is enough to send anyone screaming…and saying afterward, “I definitely got my money’s worth!”

Enjoy these totally haunted destinations…and stay spooky!

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