WIN $25 – It’s Our 2018 Halloween Prank Contest!


Well hey there, Halloween-lovin’ guys ‘n ghouls. We have two questions for you. One: do you love free stuff (especially in time for Black Friday shopping)? And two: do you have a phone or camera, an out-there imagination, and a true love of Halloween scares?

Then get in on our Halloween Prank contest! That’s right…it’s back and badder than ever with a $25 gift card to Amazon* going to one spectacularly spooky prankster. Here’s the scoop:


  • ONE entry will win a $25 Amazon* gift card.
  • The winning entry will also be featured in an upcoming article on
  • THREE additional entries will receive Honorable Mentions, with the video clips/images featured in an upcoming article on


Pranks/scares may be any of the following:

  • Trick-or-treater scares (NO dangerous activity; see How to Enter and Rules below)
  • Haunted house visitor reactions
  • Haunted house bloopers/mistakes
  • Halloween-related bloopers/mistakes (non-dangerous decorating, pumpkin carving, etc. mistakes)
  • Scares in other locations, such as the office (if approved by your employer), dorm, apartment or home
  • Footage or an image that has been approved by all who are shown on the footage/image
  • Footage or an image that includes subtext or narrative overdubbing
  • Memes created by you, involving your actual prank/scare


  • IMPORTANT: We WILL NOT accept ANY entries that cause harm to the body (such as hair removal against the prankee’s wishes), harm to personal or public property, or which breaks any law or ordinance.
  • You may submit up to TWO video clips/images. This gives you two chances to win!
  • All entries must be received by by midnight PT, Nov. 7, 2018.
  • ONE winning entry will be selected on Nov. 12, 2018.
  • In the Subject line, type HALLOWEEN PRANK. Make sure you send your attachment (video clip or image).
  • In order to receive the Amazon gift card, we will need your physical address if you are the winner. You do NOT need to give us your physical address with your entry. However, if you are the winner and do not respond to our follow-up request for this information, we will pick an alternate winner and your entry will be disqualified.
  • We do NOT recommend nor endorse ANY dangerous activity. WE WILL DISQUALIFY any entry that appears dangerous.
  • We do NOT recommend nor endorse ANY activity that qualifies as vandalism or destruction of property. WE WILL DISQUALIFY any entry that meets these criteria.
  • *Amazon is not affiliated with nor does it endorse this contest.

Good luck – and stay spooky!


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