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Host a Halloween Photo Safari

If your kids are getting just a tad too old for trick-or-treating, or you’re hosting a family event a few days before the big night, consider making a Halloween Photo Safari the highlight of your next bash.

With the advent of camera cell phones and smart phones, photo safaris have become easier and easier to put on, but remain a classic, fun adventure that can be tailored to any age and location. With a little forethought and planning, your Halloween Photo Safari will be the hit of the season.

Brainstorm Your List

Start by making a list of items for your guests to hunt for. Don’t be afraid to mix very easy to find items with very challenging ones. Consider specific theme lists as well. Your guests could hunt down different types of jack-o-lanterns, a certain type of Halloween decor, or costumes, or you could put together a general Halloween list for your party.

Photo Safari pumpkinsPhoto Safari corn

Form Teams

When assembling teams, make sure at least one member of each has a camera, or even better, an email capable phone. This allows teams to snap photos of their finds and email them directly back to base. Hunt lists can be emailed directly to each team at the beginning of the party to ensure no one looses their list.

Clarify Rules

Photo Safari iPhone App
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Decide on the rules of your game and make sure everyone knows them. Is this a neighborhood hunt or is the whole town up for grabs? Are teams restricted to walking only or can they pile into cars? Setting geographical boundaries helps keep the game fair and safe for everyone involved.

Use Apps!

Smart Phone applications can make photo safaris even more fun. Check list apps make hunt lists easy and fun and a variety of photo apps can alter photos to look like Polaroids, give them a Halloween-esque Andy Warhol appearance or even twist and distort the images for an extra creepy photo. Notes, Camera bag and Polaroid Camera are all great app options for this adventure!

Finish With A Slide Show

When all your teams have returned to base, download the photos into a quick slide show using your computers photo editing program and show it on a computer monitor or TV screen while your guests are chatting, snacking and mingling.

Hand out gag trophies to the winning team – Plastic severed hands or rubber eyeballs glued to spray painted plaques make fantastic, and frightening, prizes.

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