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Ghosts, ghouls, bats, spiders and vampires! Why is Halloween so popular? Read on for some great stories, facts, haunted places and anything else relating to Halloween!

The Origins of Our Halloween Customs

Halloween is a festival that dates back over 2,000 years, with origins in Celtic celebrations marking the beginning of winter. Believed to be a night when the boundaries between the living and the dead world are blurred, this night of magic and mystical happenings is steeped in traditions and superstitions. …

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The Bloody History of the Queen Mary

Queen Mary Hauntings

When the Queen Mary sailed on her maiden voyage in 1936, she was the second largest cruise liner in the world, with almost twice the tonnage of the Titanic. Before the era of jet travel, luxury liners such as these were seen as the only way to travel in style, …

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8 Awesome Smartphone Apps for Halloween

imut8r iPhone app

Halloween is such a great event and with the advent of smartphone apps you can enjoy your favorite parts of Halloween everywhere you go.  We tested dozens of apps and compiled a list of the 8 best ones we could find in terms of the most imagination and uniqueness. We hope you …

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Carnival Arcane Review

Carnival Arcane

With the approach of Halloween comes another tradition – the release of a new album from horror masters Midnight Syndicate (Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka.) Their albums – Carnival Arcane is their 14th – always fills the air with Gothic dread, ambient sounds and creepy instruments. If the “things that …

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Into the Arcane Music of Midnight Syndicate

Born Of The Night by Midnight Syndicate

Whenever I build a Halloween haunt, a horror soundtrack is always running through my mind – while planning this year’s layout (always a maze), hiding the monster props in nooks, and decorating the rooms. A house is not a creepy Victorian mansion until you add the lighting, the fog and, …

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In the Pumpkin Patch with Mr. Bumble Bindlegrim

The Pumpkin Dream

So there I was, tending my small pumpkin patch on the roof (not a roof-top garden, the vines had escaped my backyard and had crawled all over my bungalow) when this strange fellow, previously curled up in a leaf, emerged, yawned, and asked for some refreshments. Over a cup of …

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Top 10 Albums That Will Have You Thinking Of Halloween

Michael Jackson Thriller

Over the years there has been more than a few great spooky albums with a distinctly Halloween feel to them. These range from gothic rockers to haunted movie soundtracks. There’s a brilliant interwoven connection between Halloween and music and it’s for this reason that Halloween parties are always so epic. …

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Host a Halloween Photo Safari

Photo Safari iPhone App

If your kids are getting just a tad too old for trick-or-treating, or you’re hosting a family event a few days before the big night, consider making a Halloween Photo Safari the highlight of your next bash. With the advent of camera cell phones and smart phones, photo safaris have …

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The Year of the Mermaid

Little Mermaid costume

As a child, Halloween was my absolute favorite holiday. I started planning my costumes months in advance, polling my friends to make sure none of them were thinking of showing up at school on the morning of the 31st decked out as the same thing as me. I was fortunate …

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Book Review: How to Haunt Your House, Book Two

How to Haunt Your House, Book 2

In their first book, Lynne and Shawn Mitchell took you through a gorgeous and macabre world of Halloween prop-building to haunt your house. How to Haunt Your House, Book Two, I’m happy to say, is not a rehash of their first book, but a worthy companion that ambitiously expands on …

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“The Dead Matter” DVD is Unleashed

Dead Matter movie

Editor’s Note: Getting ready for Halloween – In July! Special edition The Dead Matter DVD set including soundtrack and Midnight Syndicate Greatest Hits CD available at all HOT TOPIC stores nationwide. July 30, 2010 (Cleveland, OH) Midnight Syndicate Films is releasing a special edition of The Dead Matter DVD that …

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A Halloween Picnic – In a Graveyard!

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the Halloween holiday is the preparation for the holiday itself. Driving around neighborhoods to observe and appreciate decorations is one way to get in the Halloween mood, while another is to visit various cemeteries, graveyards, and burial grounds. Older communities have a wealth …

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How to Survive Halloween With Your Pets

Halloween can be a frightening experience for your dog or other pets. From the constant ding of the doorbell, to the many people out and about, and all the little hands that inevitably reach for him, there are many things aside from ghouls and goblins that can frighten your pup. …

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Getting Down with the Halloween Boogie Man

Everybody loves the spooktacular good times of dancing to great tunes at their favourite Halloween party. And the lurking lunatics at Screaming Scarecrow Studios are no different – in fact, in order to make sure there is enough dance floor space at our Halloween party we move all the furniture …

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How the Movie Alien is a lot Like Raising kids

  Almost everyone recognizes that science fiction and horror are frequently used as tools for social commentary. We have all seen many issues argued in distant times and places with a variety of alien and human solutions or non-solutions. Sometimes though, stories are written that can be re-interpreted in ways not intended …

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Interview with Lew Lehrman – Painter of Dark

I recently had a chat with Lewis Lehrman, professional watercolor artist, teacher, author and Halloween painter who showcases his work at his website Haunted Studio. He has created an incredibly rewarding niche for himself, whereby clients send him images of a house they love or have lived in, or describe …

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How to Haunt Your House – Book Review

How to Haunt Your House By Shawn and Lynne Mitchell Sometimes, just sometimes, a book comes across your altar that makes your hands go clammy, that sets your heart racing, that makes your eyes go bug wide in wonder. How To Haunt Your House is such a book. Its deceptively …

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How to Grow Your Own Pumpkin Patch

Ah, the orange, glowing, delightful Jack-O-lantern: it’s perhaps the most immediately recognizable image of Halloween. Each autumn, thousands of families within the U.S. flock to farms, vegetable stands and even supermarkets to buy a pumpkin or two (or more!). But a few in-the-know growers avoid the rush by cultivating their …

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Witches Brew on a Broomstick

“Hubble, bubble, a dead man’s stubble, … A poisoned well became my task, A fog crowned night in stealth I crept And in the vacant mouth I poured A leprous flask of blasted sin.” William Shakespeare, Macbeth You will love serving this delightfully cheesy brew instead of the same old …

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