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All About Halloween

Ghosts, ghouls, bats, spiders and vampires! Why is Halloween so popular? For one thing, every culture throughout history has had some spirit of our modern Halloween – a single day to throw off the constraints of who we are and become someone or something we’re not. We have one night a year to take a break from our fears and laugh at death and make fun of the demons among us, real or imagined. Against our often sterile, antibacterial and overly safe society we can remember a time, not so long ago, when we would huddle together around a warm campfire and tell ghost stories among the long, flickering shadows. Read on for some great stories, facts, haunted places and anything else relating to Halloween.

Halloween Articles

Tips, facts, customs, history, book and movie reviews and personal stories. We visit spooky mansions, haunted towns and former prisons. Get your Halloween fix here!


Spooky Stories, Legends & Myths

Nothing is more fun than a good story to get into the Halloween spirit. Curl up to the warm glow of the computer screen and read a wide selection of fun and entertaining Halloween stories, legends and myths. Better yet, print a couple to take with you to the campground!


Costumes, Masks & Accessories

You can shop for Halloween items all year round. You can also make your own! Click to read tips and inspiration on making your own Halloween costumes, masks and accessories, or visit specialty shops that sell unique Halloween items.


Halloween Decorations & Decorators

Find great Halloween decorations and meet big time Halloween decorators who wait all year to decorate their yard and home for the Halloween season. These are serious Halloween decorations!


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