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Someone Gave Me Health Food On Halloween

Greetings once again, my dear fiends!

Yas, it is your old pal (and I do mean old), Count Barry Scaryngton of The Halloween Freaks!

I would like to introduce to you another member of our motley band of weirdos. Our good friend, The Spooktacular Sammy Hain, has a troubling tale to tell you. (Though personally, Count Barry thinks it’s hilarious!)

You see, Sammy had been trick-or-treating one fateful year. After a long, long e-ven-ing of trudging from house to house, Sammy had quite a full Halloween bag!

When he got home, he eagerly dumped the contents out of his bag to inspect all the goodies. Vell, who vouldn’t?

But what happened next, was almost too horrible to contemplate.

Mixed in with all that yummy candy, do you know what Sammy found in his bag?

halloween freaks someone gave me health foodEGGPLANT! LIMA BEANS! TOFU!

Can you believe it? S-s-someone … gulp … someone … someone gave him HEALTH FOOD … ON HALLOWEEN!!!

Fearing that the story might be too funny — oops, I mean terrifying — to hear all on its own, we decided to set his
silly tale to some fretfully funky music.

We call it “Someone Gave Me Health Food On Halloween”, and it is available at all your favourite online haunts, like iTunesicon, Amazon and Bandcamp.com.

Vell, my friends, I must go and bring Sammy some more chocolate to calm his nerves. He is still creeped out by visions of the broccoli he got in his candy bag!

Until next time, my friends, Count Barry bids you a good e-ven-ing. Remember to always check your Halloween treats carefully.
And I hope you will never have to say:


Listen to the song while following the lyrics (link will open on new page)

Someone Gave Me Health Food On Halloween

By The Halloween Freaks

Verse 1:
It was a dark and scary night
And everything was feelin’ oh so right
Halloween had come
And I was gonna have some fun
Trick or treatin’

Verse 2:
I must have visited a million streets
‘Cause I sure got a lot of treats
I couldn’t wait to get back home
To check out all the yummy candy
I’d be eatin’

Lift 1:
But when I got back home that night
And looked inside my candy bag
The yukky sight that met my eyes
Almost made me want to gag

Someone gave me health food on Halloween
It was the weirdest thing that I’ve ever seen
Broccoli and tofu and lima beans
Someone gave me health food on Halloween

Who would give me health food on Halloween?
It was the grossest thing that I’ve ever seen
Brussel sprouts and eggplant and leafy greens
Someone gave me health food on Halloween

Verse 3:
Now on any other day
I’d say health food is ok
But on Halloween night
Giving tofu’s just not right
It’s just plain scary

Lift 2:
Oh, I’ll never forget that night
I’m glad it’s never happened again
But every year I tell the tale
Of that strange Halloween night when

Repeat chorus – out

© Worldstage Music. All Rights Reserved.

Listen to “It’s a Hip Hop Halloween Night

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