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The COOLEST Halloween Treat Ideas (and Where to Find Them)

Be “that house” this year. Here’s how.


Trick-or-treat, smell their feet, give them something good to eat! Okay, so you’re not likely to engage in that second option, but as for the rest, don’t you want to hand out those REALLY special goodies this year – the ones that the kids text each other about and clamor after? We know we do!

Be the memorable treat-giver this Halloween with these absolutely amazing candy ideas. Or have them on hand for that awesome Halloween ball or bash. Enjoy!

Creature Eyes Lollipops


Called “Creature Eyes Lollipops,” these sugary delights REALLY look like monster eyeballs. At $19 for six assorted pops, they’re not exactly cheap, so save these for your very favorite ghosts and goblins, or have a raffle giveaway for a special treat bag and include a few. You can find them here.

Candy Urine

We know…we couldn’t stop laughing either. Careful with the little ones, as protective parents may be taken aback and unsure whether they’re safe to consume. They are, but save these for trick-or-treaters you know, or have them out for your phantasma-tastic party. Each contains sour liquid candy; they run 4 items for $10. Find them here.

Halloween Fortune Cookies

These are a fun twist on the fortune cookies you already know and love. Each cookie is Halloween-colored and contains a spooky-slash-funny fortune. And at less than $9 for 50 cookies, they’re easy on your wallet this Halloween season.

Peeps Caramel Apple Chicks

Can we get a YES please? Mmmmmmmmm…Peeps are good (or is that bad?) enough, with their dentist-courting sugar bodies, but these have an autumn flavor kick. If you can’t find them on store shelves this year, check this site to order. $1.50 for a package of three Peeps.

Hershey’s Candy Corn Bars

The candy corn apparently wasn’t enough, so they dipped this treat in white chocolate. Caveat: you’re NOT supposed to eat the entire box by yourself (oops). 21-count box for $24; order here.

Dia De Los Muertos Sugar Skull Candy

We chose these more for what they come in than the candy itself (it’s fruity, so it should appeal to most), the idea being: Halloween isn’t the only holiday in mid-fall! Dia de lost Muertos honors the dead on two days – Nov. 1 and Nov. 2 – and is celebrated in Mexico and other Spanish-speaking locales. It’s also growing in popularity in the U.S. Be unique and celebrate “the other Halloween holiday” this year. We found them here.

Sour Flush Candy

Here’s one last nod to the “gross candy” idea: dip the “plunger” (lolipop) into the sour candy to coat; then lick. These come in delicious sour apple and are the most reasonably priced we’ve found to date, at $22 for a pack of 12.


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